Whether you are a seasoned traveller or embarking on a much deserved overdue trip, being prepared for vacation will mean that you will leave your regular life behind without much difficulty and allow you to enjoy yourself more. Getting your affairs in order at home and thinking ahead to what you are doing on your vacation will mean that any unplanned events like a sickness abroad will be handled easily and when you come home you will remain relaxed since affairs at home are handled.

1. Check the exchange rate

When you decide on a destination make a point to keep your eye on the exchange rate so you can buy currency at opportune times to maximize your spending money.Vacation

2. Check-in

Take the time to check-in for your flight and check your flight status to see if it’s on time at least 24 hours in advance of travel. Also, it is now common to book seats when checking in, if you have any preference. Checking-in prior to arrival at the airport will save you time and therefore stress.Check-in

3. Buy a Guide Book

Head to your local book store and research and buy a good guide book for the country, city or countries you will be visiting. A reputable guide book will: note attractions to see, have detailed maps, common phrases, colour photos and transportation info. Refer to your guide book often and make the most of other travellers experiences.Buy a Guide Book


4. Make an itinerary

Taking the time to type up a detailed itinerary of what you plan to do including travel arrangements will help in a variety of ways. Knowing what you want to accomplish on your trip directs your research regarding transportation, attraction hours and admission costs. Leaving a copy of your rough itinerary with loved ones at home can also be helpful if any emergencies happen so they will be able to contact you.Make an itinerary

5. Make Arrangements at home

Getting your house in order will ensure that the home you come home to is in pristine order. Take the time to clean out refrigerator, put lights on timers for security, arrange care for pets and clean the house.Make Arrangements at home


6. Packing

Do your laundry, buy any items you may need, then sit down to make a list and pack your suitcase. Having an organized suitcase in advance will give you a chance to remember if there are any items you may have forgotten and will ensure you have everything you need.Packing

7. Arrange travel insurance

Call to arrange travel insurance in advance of travel. Common insurers may be credit card companies, banks, and your employer or a third party insurer. Insurance is essential as health care in foreign countries can be extremely expensive without it.Arrange travel insurance


8. Travel documents

Arrange all of your travel documents and check them over in advance of travel including: travel visas, checking expiry dates on travel documents. Also, go to your local copy shop and take a photocopy of your travel documents to leave at home with family and another copy to pack in another pocket of your suitcase in case of lost passports.Travel documents

9. Weigh baggage

Once your bags are completely packed take the time to pre-weigh your luggage so you do not have the stress and expense of excess baggage. If items are over the weight marked on your ticket then you have time to repack your case at home.Weigh baggage


10. Notify your Credit card Company of travel

Call your credit card company to notify them of the dates and countries you will be travelling to. This protection will mean that you will be able to use your credit card without any issues while you are away and if any fraud happens outside of your dates of travel then you will have a case for reimbursement.Notify your Credit card Company of travel