In your 30’s you will (hopefully) still have your health and will now be equipped with more confidence and life experience compared to in your 20's! With an increase of money in the bank, you can open up your options on where to travel and visit new and exciting places which will help you continue to grow and develop as a person. Here is our list of places to visit in your 30's...


Rome is the capital of Italy and it attracts millions of visitors every year. You need to have your health when visiting this cultural location as there is so much to explore such as churches, museums, monuments, ruins and galleries. You’ll find yourself walking round all day and still discover something new. There’s also great restaurants, markets and a thriving nightlife.

15 Places to Visit in Your 30’s - Trevi Fountain

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Morocco is a very diverse country with many palaces, museums, churches and beaches. Marrakesh, Rabat, Fez and Meknes have all been the capital of Morocco at some point and are worth visiting with a tour guide to point out the highlights. If you’re feeling adventurous you can go trekking along the mountains and take in the views, and there’s also a whole host of cuisine that will awaken your matured palate.

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Amsterdam is a beautiful city filled with canal-lined streets and wonderful architecture. Often classed as the ‘Venice of the North’, there are so many things to see and do at this destination, including visiting world class museums such as the Rijksmuseum, eating out at one of the many restaurants, shopping, sightseeing and of course experiencing the vibrant nightlife.


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San Francisco

San Francisco is the perfect place to spend a weekend but make sure to take your walking shoes, as it is known as a walking city. There is a whole host of attractions you can visit including the golden gate bridge, chinatown and the infamous alcatraz. It is one of the most expensive cities in America, but with the extra money you will be earning in your 30’s you should have no problem splashing out on a nice meal or a broadway show.

San Francisco

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Paris is a wonderful place to take your partner and soak in the romantic atmosphere. You may have visited Paris before, but there is always something new to explore so make sure this is one the places to visit in your 30's. The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are well known, but there are so many other museums and galleries you can visit, and you can also whet your appetite at one of the many Michelin starred restaurants.


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Ireland is a wonderful place to visit, with its friendly locals, range of museums, and of course Guinness. The landscape of Ireland is breathtaking with cliffs, beaches, national parks and forests, and there is so much to do here, whether it's learning history, having a short city break or partying with friends, making it perfect for any traveler.

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New York City

New York is an expensive city to visit, but hopefully you should have some extra money in the bank compared to your 20's, so you can enjoy it fully. Obviously there’s the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty which you must visit, but there are a lot of museums which your matured mind should appreciate. Also no trip is complete until you visit Times Square and see a broadway show in the Theater District, so make sure New York is on your list of places to visit in your 30's.

New York

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Portugal has a lot to offer with many museums displaying its rich and interesting history, as well a lot of religious artworks and churches. Their beaches are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes, and they are often not too crowded, even when there are tourists present. If you’re a fan of seafood, then this is the place to visit, Portugal is a seafaring nation which offers several fish and seafood dishes. They also make wonderful desserts, so you can’t leave until you have at least tasted an egg custard tart from one of their bakeries.

Lisbon, Portugal

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Tokyo is a fast paced city, with a lot of hustle and bustle which you probably wouldn’t appreciate as you get older, so it’s one of the best places to visit in your 30’s. It is well known for its tall skyscrapers, busy rush hour train journeys, amazing architecture and the latest futuristic technology. However it also holds a lot of ancient shrines, peaceful parks and lakes, and old-school sweet shops. This city is a great place for foodies with a variety of cuisine to try such as sushi and soba, as well as being home to one of the best nightlifes in the world.


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Las Vegas

Las Vegas, also known as ‘Sin City’ and the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, is a place you should visit at least once in your lifetime so why not make it one of the places to visit in your 30's. Compared to other cities in America, the accommodation in Las Vegas is very affordable, and the transit system to the famous strip is very efficient, making it easily reachable if you are staying outside of this area. Although Vegas is known for its gambling, there are also several bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants and a range of world class shows covering a range of genres, as well as famous artists having a residency on the strip.

Las Vegas

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Beijing is the captivating capital city of China. It preserves a lot of China’s past with numerous historical monuments such as the Temple of Heaven and the Ming Tombs. There are also several tourists attractions that you must visit including the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, and you should not miss out on taking a look round the outdoor markets which offer local specialties such as antiques, freshwater pearls and silk.

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Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Sweden with its canals, bridges and palaces, so it’s worth taking a ferry to explore the different parts of this lovely city. Sweden's capital is home to great shopping, world-class museums, pretty parks and fine dining, so make sure you add it to your list of places to visit in your 30's.

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Nepal is a beautiful country which is steeped in history and has so much to offer. There are a lot of ancient temples to visit, you can trek on the foothills of Himalayas, ride an elephant through the jungle, and encounter a variety of wildlife species in the National parks. It is also considered the safest destination in South East Asia with locals being known for their friendly and welcoming nature.

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Istanbul has plenty of attractions including ancient ruins, mosques, palaces, and almost an endless row of shops in their Grand Bazaar. It is also a great place to widen your palate with the range of flavors and spices that Turkish food has to offer. On most streets you will see kebab stalls, tea and coffee shops and restaurants, and they all tend to offer reasonably priced food. After you’ve had your main meal, try their traditional baklava with ice cream for dessert.


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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka encompasses so many sights and scenes, making it one of the best places to visit in your 30's. The island has some of the best beaches in the world, as well as misty mountains, forests, waterfalls and various type of wildlife. There are 14 national parks and a safari which has mammals including elephants, wild boars, leopards and sloth bears. There’s also huge temples and Buddhist architecture to visit, and a varied cuisine of rice, vegetables, spices and fruit to try.

Sri Lanka

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