Lighting out to new places is exciting, but leaving your comfort zone can bring some harsh consequences. Theft, damage, loss, and inconvenience can ruin a perfectly good holiday, but sometimes a helping hand can make all the difference. The best way to avoid regrettable situations is by choosing good accessories, and these are some of the most inventive, ingenious, and intuitive travel gadgets out there.

Scottevest Quest or Fleece


Worried about falling prey to pickpockets on your next urban adventure? Well then, this vest (or fleece jacket, if you need a cool weather garment) may be your new favourite accessory, with 42 cleverly concealed compartments to hold everything from your wallet to your phone charger. It’s unbelievably handy having everything in one place, and the vest gets bonus points for its stylish design and insurance policy – it comes with a $1000 anti-pickpocket guarantee.


Knomo Knomad Mini


When it comes to travel, the importance of good organization cannot be overstated. There’s nothing worse than misplacing a charging cord, losing your pen, or worse – your passport. If you’re a seasoned traveler, you probably have a pretty solid system, but this neat, stylish case can make things a whole lot easier. The best part is it has a smooth professionalism that goes perfectly with business trips.


Royce Freedom Wallet


Your can put your cards, passport, money – and faith – in this wallet. Don’t let the traditional design fool you: underneath the card slots, ID window, passport and pockets, there’s a built-in Bluetooth tag that syncs with your phone. So, if your wallet travels too far away from you, your phone will let you know. There’s also an RDIF shield to protect the info on your passport, and everything’s encased in a pretty sleek leather design.


Scrubba Wash Bag


A bit more rustic than other list-toppers, this travel gadget may not be much to look at, but it can transform your life (and hygiene) on the road. This unassuming bag is actually your own portable washing machine: simply throw in your clothes, add a couple of litres of water, and let the flexible washboard inside do the work for you. It’s a rather genius design, consisting of a waterproof bag, small firm nodules to agitate the garments, and even helpful marks on the side to guide your levels of water and detergent.


Sandless Beach Mat


Don’t you love getting sand all over your stuff? Of course you don’t, but that’s part of beach life. Well, at least it was until the Sandless Beach Mat hit the market, with a formidable design developed for military use (but proving especially useful for casual sunbathing). Two layers of perforated polyurethane filter granules of sand back down to the beach immediately, and the one-way filter prevents it from poking back through. In fact, it works the same for dirt, water, dust – any irritating bits that can get in the way of your fun. Measuring 6’ x 6’, it’s big enough to share with a friend, too.


Skip Hop Pronto Mini Changer


Traveling with a baby can be difficult, or it can be a nightmare – it all depends on the tools and tricks you have in your arsenal. If this portable changing “table” is by your side, you can save yourself a lot of headache, hassle, and clean up when it changing time rolls around. The wide cushioned pad folds out from the bag, and there’s a compartment to hold extra diapers. Flat and compact, this diaper bag companion should follow you and your baby wherever you travel.





Flashlights are so 20th century – get yourself a solar-powered bag of LED magic instead. The LuminAID is a perfect camping accessory, but it would come in very handy if you get caught in the dark anywhere: after soaking up the sun for six or seven hours, this inflatable lamp will shine for up to 16 hours with bright white LED light. The bag of light is lightweight, waterproof, rechargeable, and affordable at less than $20. The company is also working to brighten up lives all across the globe with its Give Light, Get Light campaign.

Whether you travel in luxury or you stray off the beaten path, it’s easy to misjudge your needs and conveniences before you step out the door. Most people pack far too much for every trip, so do yourself a favor and cut down on the clothes and shoes; a few well-chosen accessories will take you farther in comfort, and could even save you from dangerous scenarios.