Some of us just like to do something a little different. Something no one else has done. Or something no one else would ever even dream of doing. You want to take pictures to share with your friends that will leave them jealous and breathless all at the same time? Well, we have you covered with these must have experiences from around the world that you won't want to miss out on.9 must have experiances from around the world

1. Dunes in Namibia

Want to climb the world's highest dunes in Namibia? You can try Big Daddy (325m) and Dune 7 (383m), which are both on the list of the world's tallest dunes. Apparently, these 300-meter sand hills will be the most exotic peaks you will ever conquer. Dunes in Namibia

2. Cave Dive

Setting out on a cave dive in the cenotes of Mexico will give you endless opportunities of exploration. The natural swimming pools in Yucatan are a paradise for any diver. Then there are the underwater mazes and corridors, countless rock formations and oddly shaped columns of stalactites and stalagmites. Cave Dive

3. Pillow Fight

London's annual pillow fight is one of the biggest pillow fights around the world. Held in Trafalgar Square, it offers a bizarre sight with thousands of people, most dressed in pyjamas or onesies, bashing opponents with pillows. It won't take long before you see a cloud of feathers flying in the air. After you relieve your stress, you can relax with a cold beer at the nearby bar. Pillow fight

4. Havana

If you're looking for a true glimpse of real Cuba you can hire an open top 50s classic vintage car to explore Havana. You will be able to drive along the coastline before driving into the narrow lanes lined with historical colonial buildings. You'll get to talk to the locals and see all the city action for yourself, including hot salsa dances. If you do this, you must stop by Hemingway's bar for dark rum and cigars.Havana1


5. Argentina Glacier Hike

Nothing will leave you breathless like watching the incredible icebergs slowly floating in the blue water while hiking the world's most famous glacier in Argentina. If you're looking for adventure, climb Perito Moreno, which is massive and covered with icy spikes with cracking and crashing icebergs in the distance. If you dare conquer it, you will be sure to witness something truly magnificent. Argentina Glacier Hike

6. Party Sail in Croatia

If you don't know how to sail but like to party, this is a must. This trip is dubbed spring break for young professionals. You'll get to experience regattas, yacht hopping and circle rafts. During the day you can relax on the boat, sip your drink and dive into the emerald waters of the Adriatic sea. In the afternoon, you can explore medieval towns, idyllic forts and join in on some sunset beach raves. At night, you will get to party at the old medieval forts until the sun rises.Party sail in Croatia

7. Chase Lemurs

If you like the movie Madagascar, this trip is for you. When you sign up to chase lemurs in Madagascar's Avenue of the Baobabs you will get just that. You'll get to chase the funny looking lemurs among the enormously gigantic baobabs. Lemur Chase

8. Zip Line in India

Nothing says adrenaline rush like a good long zip line. So why not do it in India. You can enjoy the gorgeous views of sunset over one of India's most charming cities – Blue City of Jodhpur. You do it at the speed of 50 km per hour, with people flying on six separate zip lines. You can take in India's most beautiful fort and desert lakes.Zip Lining in India

9. Hot Air Balloon in Myanmar

Nothing can beat the view of the sunrise over Bagan temples. You will have to wake up early in the morning to get the chance to see the most majestic sunrise of your life. This view will be magnified by the silhouettes of multiple other balloons. This trip will leave even the most experienced travellers wanting more. Hot air ballon ride in Myanmar