With a guide to booking business class flights on a budget, you will not suffer the pains of traveling coach nor pay a fortune for the privilege.

Discover a guide to booking business class flights cheaply

Discover a guide to booking business class flights cheaply

Learn a few booking tricks that will take away the physical and financial pains while traveling.

Flying high

Multicourse meals on real china, chocolate desserts and fully reclining seats are some of the privileges of flying business class on a commercial flight. Business travelers trot the globe without showing any signs of fatigue to go to their business meetings. For most people, flying coach does not sound appealing, but the dramatic price hike in the business class fare places it out of reach for many. However, with a guide to booking business class flights cheaply, you can bid coach farewell for life without spending a fortune.

Flying high

Search the internet for the cheapest fares possible

While it might sound tedious and laborious, new developments in internet technology take the stress out of the process. Google-owned software called Matrix is a nifty tool that acts a guide to booking business class flights cheaply. It helps you to unearth cheap airfares that are not widely publicized known as Y-Up fares, which allow you to enjoy business class flights cheaply. In some instances, the price is the same as that of flying coach or just a little higher. You simply take the resultant fare codes and inquire about their availability from the airline or a travel agent. A calendar view on the software alerts you to the cheapest dates to fly from various cities around the world so you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

Become elite to fly premium

Most airlines reward loyal flyers with benefits such as upgrades. However, if your occupation does not allow you to rack up tens of thousands of miles each year, you can still attain elite status using a frequent flyer program. Some co-branded airline credit cards offer reward miles and hefty sign-up bonuses that can help get you there. However, you need to make the distinction between the cards that offer elite qualifying miles (EQMs) and those that do not. Only the cards that provide the EQMs count toward your elite status. For example, signing up with Platinum Delta SkyMiles American Express offers outstanding rewards. You stand to gain 35,000 bonus miles and 5,000 elite qualifying miles if you spend $1,000 within the first three months. The card entitles you to two tickets for the price of one for either first or business class each year. If you take advantage of the flight hotel benefits that come with the card, you can recoup the annual fees rather quickly.

Go for a cheap last-minute upgrade at the airport

Many airlines are amenable to upgrading your ticket to business class flights if they have room. In the case of a last-minute cancellation, you can upgrade to business or first class at a relatively low price. Airlines make the upgrades available about six hours before departure time, sp check in earlier or call ahead of time. Some airlines, such as Virgin America, offer their upgrades at the check-in desk. Others, such as Alitalia, allow you to upgrade to business class at a fraction of the regular cost while onboard the plane.

Go for a cheap last-minute upgrade at the airport

Be on the lookout for sales

Periodically, you can get premium cabin fares on sale if you keep an eye out for them. You can start by searching for them over the internet using travel search engines. Alternatively, you can sign up for a newsletter such as First Class Flyer and have the information about the sales and other useful tricks delivered right to your inbox. The discounts you are likely to get easily outweigh the annual subscription to the newsletter. Some airlines announce sales through emails or mailing out letters, and you can snag a hefty discount in the process. Increasing competition has led more airlines to offer affordable but nonrefundable first class rates at reasonable prices.

Learn the business traveler’s calendar

You are more likely to find a cheaper ticket on business class flights or a last-minute upgrade at quieter times. Such opportunities can arise during holidays, when the cabins are relatively empty. The same applies to the weekend, when most business travelers are home.

Ask your travel agent

Travel agents have access to more information and better deals than you do, which means they can offer business class flights tickets at impressive prices. You are likely to get hefty discounts, sometimes up to 50 percent, on flight hotel bookings. However, there is a catch to such steep discounts in that the fares are nonrefundable, and in some instances, you may not accrue miles on such flights.

Ask for a bump

If your schedule is flexible and can afford to take a bit more time getting to your destination, volunteering to be bumped gives you leverage. You can take the opportunity to ask for a better deal by asking for an upgrade to business class on the next flight. In such instances, the upgrade depends on availability, and you may not always be lucky.