While on board a Baltic cruise, streaming down the sparkling blue seas past stunning location, the chefs supply you with mouthwatering delights.

What to expect on board a Baltic cruise

What to expect on board a Baltic cruise

More than feasting your eyes on the vast landscapes, a Baltic cruise is a culinary experience.

Danish cold butter soup on baltic cruises

The delicious butter soup is a most popular Danish summer dish that is made of plain yogurt, buttermilk, sugar and scented with vanilla. The tasty and delicious soup provides great relief on hot summers. While there are many commercial varieties of the soup available, they have nothing on the freshly made variety on a Baltic Sea cruise menu. The chef whisks together sugar, egg yolks, plain yogurt and some buttermilk. They will serve it with a small, crisp biscuit flavored with cardamom and lemon or fresh blueberries and strawberries.

Meat sauce with chili and fresh pasta

Fresh Nordic ingredients make the meat sauce a tasty delight that tingles your taste buds while filling you up on proteins. Your chef uses premium meat cuts with low-fat content as it helps to bring out the full flavor in the meat as well as the fresh ingredients. High-fat meats make best choices for hamburger patties but not meat sauce. Your meal will be a delicious and appetizing mixture of corn, carrots and tomatoes. Finely chopped onions, garlic chili, oregano and grated Parmesan add a delicious flavor to the food. Master Chefs on a Norwegian fjords cruise are likely to serve the meal with equally delicious boiled pasta.

Salmon and spinach with pasta on a Norwegian fjords cruise

The sumptuous meal is likely to leave you craving an extra helping as it boasts fresh salmon and vegetables fresh from Nordic gardens. Salmon make an excellent choice of meat because it is comprised of essential oils and fats. The minerals and vitamins in a fresh spinach keep you healthy and energetic to explore and enjoy the great passing scenery and historical sites. The meal is made of of fried salmon, sliced mushrooms, peas, spinach, and pasta. A glass of cold white wine makes an excellent accompaniment to the delicious meal on board a Norwegian fjords cruise.

Salmon and spinach with pasta

Potato salad with baked cod with celery remoulade

Usually served as a main course on Baltic cruises, this delicious meal will have you craving for a second helping as soon as you clear your plate. Cod makes an excellent fish choice since it is rich in flavor and essential oils. This meal is made of baked cod garnished with rapeseed oil, salt, sugar and pepper. It also includes boiled potatoes in their jackets and grated celery with extra seasoning. The salad dressing is lettuce wrapped in vinegar, mustard, and oil seasoned with pepper and salt.

Fried cod with risotto and fresh rice

Despite the simple appearance of this meal, it is super delicious to sate your hunger in the most satisfying manner. It blends two cooking styles, as Risotto is an Italian dish of rice that involves cooking rice in broth based on white wine and chicken broth. The addition of fresh peas and fresh lemon juice keeps the meal yummy and fresh. Fresh champignon mushroom, butter, and Parmesan cheese only serve to bring out the flavor of in the food to deliver the most exotic dining experience on board a Baltic cruise.

Fried cod with risotto and fresh rice

Chicken curry with Rijsttafel

In the Dutch language, Rijsttafel translates to rice table. Rijsttafel is a dish of boiled rice with a bevy of side dishes. As such, it gives the chef a wide range of options when serving the meal to the Baltic Sea cruise passengers. Ideally, the side dishes include a healthy variety of food items such as fruits, nuts, and vegetables. It makes for a choice meal for anyone looking to enjoy a healthy and tasteful entree. The meal can include pineapples, cubed apples red pepper, banana, raisins and grated coconut in addition to the boiled rice.

Small meatballs with lime, chili, coconut, and curry

Meatballs in curry sauce is a traditional Scandinavian dish that can be considered a national dish in some quarters. Unlike the traditional meatball varieties that are heavy and too filling, this meatball is light and does not leave you too full. The chili gives the meatballs a refreshing taste that teases your taste buds in addition to making the dish feel light in your mouth. Use of lime juice and coconut in place of milk and water when making the curry gives the meal a delicious twist. As a result, the dish is as nutritious as it is delicious to the delight of the passenger on the Baltic Sea cruise.

Danish pork meatballs

Popularly known as Frikadeller, Danish meatballs have an excellent taste and are easy to make. Pork meatballs are made of ground pork, milk, onions, eggs, pepper and salt. Chefs on Baltic cruises realize that the secret to great-tasting meatballs is the excellent use of onion. Therefore, they chop or blend the onion before making the meatballs, as it helps to bring out the best in flavor. Small meatballs make for the better choice because they feature a delicious crispy crust when pan fried. Additionally, they salt them just right before serving them with freshly made bread or boiled potatoes on board a Baltic cruise.