There are several stunningly beautiful locations around the world that are so colorful they look like a paint bucket has been splashed all over it. However this is just natural beauty at its finest. From flower fields to parks, there are a whole host of colorful places that will make you think you've walked into a postcard, but they genuinely do exist. The next time you're deciding on a destination to visit, consider adding a splash of color to your vacation and visiting one of the top 30 most colorful places on Earth.
Zion National Park River Hike

Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah

Tulip Fields, Netherlands

During Spring, areas of the Netherlands are transformed into a sea of color due to the blooming of several tulips. The tulips reside in many different fields, and the most well known tulip farms are located in the Northeast polder in the province of Flevoland, The Kop van Noord-Holland area and the Bollenstreek near Leiden. The fields grow many varieties of tulip, meaning no two fields are alike, but they are all equally colorful.Tulip Fields, Netherlands

Luoping, China

Luoping County in China is at its most beautiful in the spring, when its fields of yellow canola flowers bloom, creating a sea of golden color. The fields attract a lot of photographers who visit to capture the flowers during their peak blooming time. It is also popular with bees, and during the spring time beekeepers set up base tents in the fields so they can keep bees and harvest the honey.Luoping, China