For most of us, the idea of going on a luxurious private island getaway seems like something out of a fantasy. The reality is that there are actually some private island resorts that are affordable for the rest of us. Here are some beautiful island locales that won’t break the bank.

1. Cooper Island Beach Club, British Virgin Islands

This resort located on the Manchioneel Bay is truly a secluded island oasis. You won’t find any nightclubs, casinos, shops or cars on this little piece of paradise. This no-frills resort boasts one amenity: a small restaurant on the beach. Otherwise, it’s just you and some absolutely stunning scenery in this 11-room rustic retreat.

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2. Ariara Island, Philippines

This private island located about 160 miles off the coast of Manilla has some of the palest turquoise waters you’ll ever see. They’re so clear, in fact, that you can see right down to the sandy bottom. The resort’s four beach cottages and two villas can house up to 18 people. With this island, the bigger your party, the cheaper it is per person, so this is one location you should consider for your next family reunion!Ariara Island, Philippines

3. Robinson Crusoe Island Resort, Fiji

Located on the 26-acre Likuri Island, this tropical getaway caters to party-loving travelers with basic dormitories and small-private thatched roof huts. The interior, while colorful, is just the essentials, emphasizing the resort’s focus on outdoor activities. From kayaking, to hiking, to paddling a six-person outrigger canoe, there are plenty of options for adventure seekers. Plus, happy hour starts every night at 5:30!

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4. Sanda Island, Scotland

Perfect for history lovers, Sanda Island was once used as a hideout by Robert the Bruce and is pastoral elegance at its finest. Rent out one of the four comfortable stone cottages on the island and cozy up in front of the fireplace, while enjoying a breathtaking view of the sea.

Sanda Island,

5. Kamalame Cay, The Bahamas

If you’re looking for laidback charm, check out this family-run, private island retreat located just off Andros’ mainline. It offers room rentals in its “great house” for far more affordable rates than its villas. This low-key 96-acre island offers activities such as world class bonefishing, watersports and the only overwater spa in The Bahamas, but is also home to many isolated beaches that will make you feel as though you have the whole place to yourself.

Kamalame Cay, The

6. Bird Island, Belize

This exotic off-the-grid locale gives off the castaway vibe as there’s no staff to check you in and you have the entire island to yourself. For about $300 US a night, you’ll get a small three-bedroom house all to your lonesome (literally). Plus, the sea is visible from every angle of the island—even at night when the ocean glows thanks to the bioluminescent marine life that call it home.

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7. Gem Wellness Spa & Island Resort, Malaysia

Located within a wildlife sanctuary off the central-eastern coast of the Malay Peninsula and only a 15-minute boat ride from Marang, Gemia Island is not only famous for its marvelous beaches, but is also known for its turtle hatchery. The resort’s 52 “water villa” rooms face the sea and nearby Kapas Island.Gem Wellness Spa & Island Resort, Malaysia