The best Bahamas cruise line deals should include activities for everyone in your party, including your children, teens and young adults.

Choose the Best Bahamas Cruise Line Deals

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What Theme Should Your Cruise to Bahamas Feature For Families?

Whether you're traveling with kids, teens or young adults for the very first time, selecting a cruise to Bahamas that fits everyone's needs is essential. If you really want to experience excitement on your cruise to the Caribbean, select a theme. So, what theme should you choose when you cruise Bahamas this year? Your Bahamas cruise line theme should be age-appropriate for everyone traveling with you, especially if you plan to spend most of your time on board the ship. You want to keep your loved ones interested throughout the voyage, which can be hard to do if you have kids and teens. For younger children, the best Bahamas cruise line deals feature Disney, Nickelodeon and other kid-friendly outlets. The themes revolve around games, movies and even live-action characters. If you plan to travel during the warm season, your Bahamas cruise should also include water slides, pools and other aquatic activities to keep your kids cool.

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Fun for Teens and Young Adults

Entertaining teens and young adults can be a challenge. With so many young people using WiFi and advanced technology, it may be harder to gain their attention span for very long. With that said, the theme you seek should cater to the millennial crowd. According to, millennials tend to use interactive technology for just about everything they do, including listening to music and communicating with friends and family. The Bahamas cruise theme for teens and young adults of both sexes should feature full free access to WiFi, which they can use to stay in touch with friends or place images and selfies of their adventures on social media. Boys and young adult males may feel more comfortable if they have access to digital games and arcades. Parties and red-carpet activities are also must-haves for girls and young adult women. You want your loved ones to cruise Bahamas in style.

All-Inclusive Options

If you want Bahamas cruise deals that combine everything into one neat package, select a family-oriented theme. Family-oriented themes typically offer activities for different age groups around the ship. For instance, your older teens might attend a club such as Club O2, while your younger children might attend a Nickelodeon-themed party. Ship staff generally monitor each location, which eases your mind when you participate in your own activities.

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What's the Best Adult Theme for Your Bahamas Cruise Line?

Adult themes and Bahamas cruise deals can include everything from disco night to casino games. You and your spouse or significant other might enjoy a few hours of romance by the pool or at an adult-oriented restaurant that serves multiple courses and drinks. You even take a stroll on the deck, bar-hop or see a comedy show or two. If you feel comfortable in doing so, you can take leave of the ship during port stops. Most Bahamas cruise lines make long port stops when they reach the islands in the area. The stops allow you to venture onshore for an hour or all day. If you choose to spend time onshore without your children, make arrangements for ship staff to contact you if an emergency comes up. Port stops allow you to shop for souvenirs, take a scuba diving lesson or simply see the sites. It's important that you know exactly how long you have to venture onshore when your Bahamas cruise line docks. In most cases, the ship's captain will announce the length of time to passengers before they exit the liner when taking advantage of the best Bahamas cruise line deals.

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The Port Experience

Once you step ashore, make your way to the port's visitor information center. The center usually provides a list of things to do near the port, as well as places of interest you might like to visit. It's also possible for you to hire a tour guide to assist you. Some of the most popular ports include Freeport, which is located in Grand Bahama. The island is one of the largest in the chains and features an array of things to do, including snorkeling and souvenir shopping. There's also a large marketplace and national park you can visit when your ship docks. The marketplace is excellent for purchasing artifacts and souvenirs of the Bahamas. You can also find clothing and personal items you forgot to pack before your cruise. The Lucayan National Park features underground caverns or caves you can explore by tour or alone. Some tour guides offer diving expeditions through the underwater caves. If you're brave and seek excitement on your port break, be sure to check out the diving activities. In recent years, divers have discovered the skulls and bones of ancient people beneath the caverns. So, don't be afraid to take on a diving expedition. Some cruise lines make stops along the private islands in the Bahamas. Private port stops may be specifically included in your Bahamas cruise line package. The packages allow to visit the islands' private beaches and sign up for their activities without having to compete with other passengers for time or space. This is representative of the best Bahamas cruise line deals.