Miami is a popular starting place for many cruises. Discover how to pick out the best cruises out of Miami for optimum fun.

Choosing the Best Cruises Out of Miami

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Get the best cruises out of Miami for all of your glorious vacation plans.

A Central Location

Miami is one of the premier destinations in the United States. This vibrant and lively city is home to an American community and many residents from abroad. It also makes an ideal way to see not only southern Florida but other parts of the world. You will find that many cruise ships stop here, allowing you to make plans to see the region and then hop aboard a cruise ship to continue your trip. It is easy to use this city as a destination to catch a short cruise to local Caribbean islands or explore other places such as Mexico and Central America, for example. A cruise Miami is often the best way to get from one delightful Caribbean nation to the next without the need to drag your luggage everywhere or arrange for lots of small plane or boat trips. This central location also makes it easy to get to popular cruise destinations such as Jamaica and the Antilles islands. This way, you can see several parts of the region in a single trip. You can also expect to find weekly trips that can be booked at the last minute, making this the ideal place for you to take an impromptu getaway when you have a few days off.

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Know the Area

Miami is located in the southern part of Florida. The city fronts the Atlantic Ocean, making it an ideal way to get to many islands in the region. For example, a Bahamas cruise from Miami does not take long to get there because the Bahamas are only a short distance away. You can pick out a Bahamas cruise from Miami that will let you see many islands on this chain and spend time on each one. Miami is also close to the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf contains many popular cruise destinations, such as Roatan off the coast Honduras and the intensely beautiful Grand Cayman Islands. A cruise out of Miami will typically take only a few short hours to get from Miami to many parts of the Caribbean. One of the best parts about taking a cruise Miami is that the city is the busiest cruise port in the world. You'll have lots of cruises to pick from, no matter your where you'd like to go. Moreover, you can find lots of things to do in Miami if you have a day or two before the cruise starts. There are also lots of hotels right next to the port in downtown Miami where you can grab a quick night's sleep and get on board ready and refreshed. Combining a trip to places like the South Beach area of Miami and its fabulous nightlife with a relaxing boat cruise is one way to make the most of your vacation plans.

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Cruises From Miami

Cruises from Miami go to all sorts of thrilling destinations. The best cruises out of Miami depend on a few factors. First, you should think about the length of your desired cruise. Short, four-day cruises are very popular and let you cruise without a longer commitment or increased funds. This lets you see a single destination for a few days, like Jamaica, and then come back and explore the rest of Florida. You can also pick from longer cruises out of Miami. A longer cruise is typically a week, ten days or even two weeks. This may take you to several Caribbean islands, such as St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and then bring you through the Panama Canal and perhaps to another part of Florida, such as Key West, for a chance to visit Hemingway's House and sample some fried conch. If you have time for a longer trip, you should think about what other kinds of amenities you prefer. You might want to look for a ship with lots of things to do, like gambling, live shows and pools that let you have fun swimming on board even when you're nowhere near a coast. If you have kids, many Miami cruises will offer them all sorts of special, age-appropriate activities. Younger kids can head to daycare on the ship so you can have some time alone. Older teens can take advantage of special trips just for them to see local wildlife with their peer groups. They can make friends from all over the world and see a place they've never seen before with help of skilled and caring staffers. This way, every member of your party can have fun no matter where you are or what you're doing there.

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Cheap Cruises From Miami

One of the best things about taking Miami cruises is that there are lots of inexpensive options. Cheap cruises from Miami abound, making it easy to find one on any budget. There are lots of ways to find cheaper cruises here. Many cruises will let you pick out a lower deck and save money. You can also save money by looking at last-minute destinations. If you can squeeze in a last-minute trip, cruises are happy to have you help them fill precious space. Look for last-minute deals on search engines or try contacting a cruise company directly to see if they have something that works for you. A last-minute cruise will have all the amenities of your standard cruise. You an also opt to save money by deciding against shore excursions and just opting to see many of the destinations on your own. This can be an excellent way to save money if you have traveled to the Caribbean before and know it well. Many cruises offer huge meals, so just grab something from breakfast and use it for your lunch when you're away from the boat and the harbor during the best cruises out of Miami.