Are you a thrill-seeker? There are many ways you can incorporate some intensity into your travel plans. Here are some off-the-beaten-path destinations and intense adventure races that are guaranteed to test your survival skills.

Bob Cooper Outback Survival, Australia

Put your survival skills to the test by camping out in one of the world’s most inhospitable places: the Australian outback. Learn from the best with Australia’s famous survivalist, Bob Cooper, where he’ll not only teach you skills such as fire building, navigation, foraging and shelter building, but he’ll also teach you the psychology behind survival.  Bob Cooper Outback Survival, Australia

Kathmandu Coast to Coast, New Zealand

This 33-year old, 243-km multi-sport adventure race held annually on New Zealand’s South Island takes two full days to complete. Starting at Kumara Beach, you and a thousand others will run, bike and kayak across picturesque landscapes straight out of Middle Earth until you reach Brighton Beach.
Speights Coast to Coast

Docastaway Desert Island Experience, worldwide

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be a castaway? See what it’s like to be stranded on a desert island, minus the being stranded part, by being dropped off at a secluded island of your choosing. Docastaway offers both “comfort” and “adventure” trip options. There’s even an “Extreme” option where you’ll be left completely to your own devices without any help.
Docastaway Desert Island Experience, worldwide

Clipper Round the World Yacht Training, UK and Australia

While the actual race-around-the-world is for experienced on a yaught. These intensive six-day training courses are open to anyone. The only prerequisite for participating is signing up. This intensive courses based out of Hampshire UK and Sydney Australia cover all aspects of sailing and provides those who would normally not have the skills or the money to experience one of sailing’s toughest tests. As an individual entrant, you will be placed with a 12-member crew with an experienced skipper at helm.

Expedition Alaska, USA

Held every June, Expedition Alaska is considered to be the most challenging adventure race in the world. This seven-day, 500km trek on the Kenai Peninsula includes epic stretches of trekking, ocean crossings, white-water kayaking, and mountain biking. Not surprisingly, it’s for experts only. It’s one of the world’s most grueling tests of outdoor survival skills and perseverance in the world.
Expedition Alaska, USA

Idanre Hills, Nigeria

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this hiker’s paradise attracts adventure seekers from all over the world. Featuring a variety of intimidating and imposing hills, you have the option to camp for free on the site as you clomp to the top. This will give you the opportunity to gain some helpful survival skills along the way.
Idanre Hills, Nigeria

Amazon River International Raft Race, Peru

This three-day event deep in the Peruvian jungle is just as entertaining for the spectators as it is for the participants. Covering 180 km, more than 40 teams of four build their own raft out of local balsawood logs (with the help of knowledgeable locals) and then paddle downstream, with only stops to sleep along the way.Amazon River International Raft Race, Peru