With technological features available, it is easier to find the best way to book your flight at a good price.

The Best Way to Book Your Flight Using These Tips

The Best Way to Book Your Flight Using These Tips

These easy tips and tricks help you make your airline reservations with ease.

Get Alerts and Make Airline Reservations Before Prices Rise

If you have ever used Google Flights as an app on your phone, you sometimes get pop-up notifications that tell you prices are probably going to increase on certain flights. You won't get notified for every route and you don't know when you will get those notifications, but if you pay attention to them when you see them, they can help you predict how much time you have to book your flight before the prices make a big jump. Business class flights and private flights can be expensive and any little piece of information you can get to help lower the cost can be helpful.

Get Alerts Before Prices Rise

Search By Region for Prices

If you don't have a specific destination in mind, the best way to book your flight or flight hotel is to search regions by price. You can Google "flights to South America" and then click on the flights tab under the search box. You will get a map of the whole continent along with prices for each specific location. You can compare how much it would be to fly into various cities and you can filter your options by airline, price and duration of flight. Once you have all of those details, you can choose a destination and get a better price. Make sure you get flight insurance in case you change your mind later.

Search By Region for Prices

Let Google Plan Your Trip And Find Private Flights

Have you ever typed "I'm feeling lucky" into your search bar? The results can help with private flights as well. Click on any map within Google Flights and pick your departure spot. Then click on the "I'm feeling lucky" button and let Google choose your destination. It will use your search history and what is popular at that time. You will then get a bar graph that tells you when flights to that area will be cheapest so you can get a good deal when you make airline reservations. Sometimes, being spontaneous and letting the winds take you where they will is part of the adventure - the same applies for the flight hotel!

Let Google Plan Your Trip

Find the Best Flights for your Buck

When you use Google Flights, you can click on the "best flights" box in order to get more information about each individual flight you are considering. This box will tell you which flights are the best combination of speed and price so you won't have to try to calculate whether a layover is worth the cost savings or if a direct flight is worth it. You will see the top picks in green, so it's easy to decipher. It's almost having a travel agent help you decide what they would do in your situation. But instead of paying someone to do that for you, you can spend the extra money on flight insurance in case anything changes and you want to back out or make an adjustment.

Find the Best Flights for your Buck

Go By the Calendar

You can also see prices for the trip you want to make for every day in any given month if you are looking for the best way to book your flight cheaply. The cheapest days to fly to your chosen destination will be highlighted in green. You will see a bar graph at the bottom that will show you when prices will most likely rise or drop over any given month. If you don't have specific dates in mind, using this prediction calendar can really help you save a lot of money and get a good deal. You can then use the money you saved on activities when you arrive at your desired destination. Saving money may even allow you to make the trip possible in the first place.

Swap to Save Money

If you are searching for a flight and starting to zero in on the options, any flights that are similar but less expensive will come up on the tip bar. You will see how much you would save if you are willing to make adjustments, like flying out of a different airport, flying earlier or leaving later. You can then weigh the options and make a decision as to what adjustments you are willing to make in order to save money. It is nice to know what choices are available before you make a decision that can cost you a lot of money. When you swap your flight for one that is cheaper, you always feel like you made a decent decision.

Monitor the Price

No one has the time to sit and monitor flight prices every day, but Google can do that for you. If you find a flight or business class flights you think might work for you, simply save the itinerary but don't buy it yet. Google Now will start to track the pricing of that particular flight. Any time you hit the app on your phone, you can see the prices and whether they have changed. Google will even send you an email if the prices dip majorly so you can grab the flight before you miss a good opportunity. Once you save the flight, you don't have to worry about checking back in to see how things are going.