If you want to go about booking an affordable Bahamas cruise, there are several steps you can take.

How to Go About Booking an Affordable Bahamas Cruise

How to Go About Booking an Affordable Bahamas Cruise

Cruises can be costly. If you want to cruise the Bahamas, these tips can help you save money.

Book in Advance for Cheap Cruises to Bahamas

One of the best things you can do to get cheap cruises to Bahamas is to plan your trip far in advance. Book the cruise anywhere from 9 to 18 months before it is set to sail. Booking in advance allows you to get lower introductory fees, and you can grab some add-on savings as well. You might be able to get beverage packages, inclusive gratuities, or onboard credit to go along with your cheaper rate. All of these things can save you hundreds of dollars that you can spend elsewhere during your vacation.

Book in Advance

Book At the Last Minute Cheap Bahamas Cruise

If you are not one who likes to play way far in advance, don't book your cruise in advance at all. In fact, wait until the last minute. If you wait until within three months of the departure date, you can find a cheap Bahamas cruise. Most companies will slash their prices by as much as 50 percent just to fill the boat. Keep in mind that when you wait until the last minute, there is no guarantee there will be spaces available for you. If there is room, you will not have free range in terms of cabin choices. You will have to take what you can get from what is left.

Book At the Last Minute

Be Flexible About Dates

When booking an affordable Bahamas cruise, the best thing you can do is to be flexible about the dates you take off and come back. You can save a lot of money by simply shifting the trip a few days in one direction or another. The price difference could be as much as several hundred dollars when you make the shift from one week to another. Plan a vacation, but look at the week before and after your desired dates to see if you can save significant money. It might be worth working around the cheaper dates to save money.

Be Flexible About Dates

Use a Travel Agent

You can research cheap cruises to Bahamas all you want, but you will get the best deal with a travel agency that specializes in the types of cruises you want to book. When you are looking into a vacation, you might do online research around that time. Travel agents are constantly researching the cruise industry, and they have their finger on the pulse of cheap Bahamas cruise options at all times. They can also buy in bulk to get better prices. You might think using a travel agent will cost you more, but you can actually save a couple hundred dollars. Plus, there's no charge to use an agent.

Use a Travel Agent

Cruise During Wave Season

January through March is known as wave season because cruise lines often give significant fare discounts for cruises that you book during these months, even if you don't take the cruise until later. You will also see other perks available, like free alcoholic drink packages, onboard points, and excursion passes. All of these add up in helping you when booking an affordable Bahamas cruise. If you can wait until wave season to purchase your cruise tickets, you will have an advantage when it comes to getting cheaper rates and options for perks.

Shop on Black Friday

Online and retail stores are not the only options for shopping on Black Friday. Several cruise lines now offer Black Friday deals where cruises are deeply discounted. They are also often bundled with enticing add-ons that you wouldn't spend the money on otherwise. These cruise deals aren't hard to find, and they are easy to grab. Instead of shopping for electronics or clothes, search the cruises and spend your money on an experience you will never forget.

Cruise in Lower Seasons

If you want to go about booking an affordable Bahamas cruise, you can get the best rates in the seasons where sailing is lower in demand. Forget about traveling over the holidays when the demand is at its highest. If you can avoid the times when everyone is traveling, you will save a lot of money. Avoid long weekends and holidays, and sail in the spring or fall instead. Take the season right before or after the peak season and you will save a lot of money. There will also be fewer people on the ship, so you will feel less crowded and get more personal attention.

Avoid New Ships

It might sound nice to take a cruise on a brand new ship, but while these options are alluring, they often cost a lot more money. New ships have heftier prices than older ships in the fleet, and you won't have to sacrifice much for the lower price. Older ships are sometimes a little smaller than new ones and they may not have all of the bells and whistles, but they can still give you a great vacation at a cheaper price. That makes them affordable, and you can save your money for souvenirs and outings.

Take a Short Trip

If you want a budget-friendly getaway, the best thing you can do is take a short cruise to the Bahamas. Weekend cruises can get you away from it all to your desired destination without spending too much of your money. You can grab a three or four-day cruise for a couple hundred dollars. These cruises are often cheaper than flying somewhere and staying in a hotel, and you have plenty of food and activities included in the adventure.