There are adventures waiting for you all over the world. If you’re fortunate enough to have a chance to travel around the world in your lifetime, here are seven must-have adventures you need to put on your bucket list!

1. North America: See The Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis or “dawn of the north” are one of nature’s greatest displays of wonder. It’s worth venturing up to remote Alaska just to marvel at this mysterious, multicolored lightshow which will have you pinching yourself at the beauty of this northern phenomenon. Seeing the northern lights is often described as a transformative experience for those who see them up close. Plus, you don’t have to be an “outdoorsy” person to enjoy the show. The Alyeska Resort, located only 40 miles outside of Anchorage, is surrounded by gorgeous forest and impressive mountain peaks. Its relatively isolated location makes it the ideal spot for viewing the northern lights. Plus, you can arrange wake up calls so you don’t miss the big show!  North America See The Northern Lights


2. South America: Canoe Down the Amazon River

While it may be threatened by logging and other commercial pursuits, The Amazon still has the claim to fame of encompassing the world’s largest continuous cover of tropical rainforest. Go on a guided canoeing adventure downstream, while camping on beaches and hiking in search of wildlife along the way. This is definitely not for the faint of heart. Only the most adventurous travellers will truly enjoy roughing it in the woods with very few amenities. A fit body is also a necessity in order to guarantee a successful trip.South America Canoe Down the Amazon River


3. Europe: Bottle Your Own Wine at a Private Tuscan Vineyard

Learn how to make wine in one of the most famous wine regions in the world! Don’t just enjoy a scenic tour of the iconic Tuscan countryside, but also blend your own customized wine as you learn from some of the world’s best winemakers. Once it’s aged long enough, your very own vintage will be shipped directly to your home address. Europe Bottle Your Own Wine at a Private Tuscan Vineyard


4. Africa: Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Take the trek to the top of the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. This once-in-a-lifetime trek provides participants with extraordinary views of the vast Tanzanian countryside from “The Roof of Africa.” The non-technical nature of this climb has made it a popular adventure for physically-fit travelers. Currently 40,000 climbers a year attempt Mount Kilimanjaro with an 80% success rate.

Africa Climb Mount Kilimanjaro


5. Asia: Hike the Great Wall of China

At 21,000 kilometers in length, walking China’s Great Wall is a trip in and of itself. The good news is you can register for guided tours which will highlight some of the more interesting places along the Great Wall. These tours come in various lengths and skill levels and will guarantee you get the most out of your trip to this wonder of the world. Asia Hike the Great Wall of China


6. Australia: Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Not only is this an adrenaline rush for adventure-seekers, but it’ll also give you one of the best views of Sydney Harbor once you’ve reached the top. While views during the day are amazing, go on a night climb to witness the stunning reflection of Sydney’s glittering skyline along the harbor. Australia, Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge


7. Antarctica: Hang out with Penguins on Barrientos Island

Barrientos Island is a penguin colony with two different breeds of Penguin, the white-faced Chinstrap Penguin and the red-beaked Gentoo Penguins. Spend some time on this remote Penguin playground entertained by their distinct waddle or watching them swim. Fortunately, Penguins have very little fear of humans, so they will likely want to come up to you and peck on your boots. It also provides some of the best selfie opportunities imaginable.Antarctica, Hang out with Penguins on Barrientos Island