The right travel destination will showcase the wonderful culture of the surrounding area. Spring is perfect to explore these areas, as the weather in April is often mild, and this time of year is usually right before or after the tourist season. This way you can have a more in depth look at the destination without being overcrowded.


Find a bit of Musical Culture in New Orleans

Arguably the best place for culture in the continental United States, New Orleans has long been a tourist attraction for young people looking for an amazing party atmosphere, but this popular city in Louisiana has plenty of culture to enjoy. The city melds French, Spanish and African cultures into a place where residents are very proud of their heritage and are happy to share it with tourists: the French Quarter not only has plenty of bars for Mardi Gras celebrations but is also home to elegant streets to explore with beautiful buildings and architecture. Shop for antiques in the city center followed by a delicious dinner of typical jambalaya, crawfish or typical creole cuisine. If you are visiting at the end of April, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is not to be missed. Music is a huge part of New Orleans culture and can be seen everywhere—even in funeral processions!

Find a bit of musical culture in New Orleans


Enjoy the Sounds of Tbilisi, Georgia

The Georgian city of Tbilisi can be heard as you arrive through the hauntingly beautiful sounds of chanting music coming from all around. Tbilisi in general is a crossroads of culture due to a history of various invasions. You can easily see different aspects from Turkish, Iranian, French and Russian cultures all through the city. Mild weather in April means it won't be too hot or too cold to really get to explore the amazing outdoor spaces. You can easily see all of Tbilisi on a short vacation and could even keep a day free to visit the stunning Georgian countryside. Rustaveli Square is a great starting point in the city center to visit ancient churches and theater houses. Spend an afternoon wandering through the charming city streets, taking in the sights, sounds and smells. The next day you can walk up the steep climb to Narikhala Fortress to visit a beautiful church from the 4th century and get amazing views of the city.

Enjoy the sounds of Tbilisi, Georgia


Ring in the Sri Lankan New Year

Sri Lanka has an amazing event every March/April for the Sinhalese New Year in Sri Lanka called Avarudu. You can expect similar celebrations to other culture's New Year festivities, but with a wonderfully cultural Sri Lankan vibe. This small island in the Indian Ocean has it all: ancient ruins, sandy beach, palaces and even a rainforest. Each area of Sri Lanka is filled with the friendly people of Sri Lanka ready and willing to help tourists learn more about their history and culture. A must visit in Sri Lanka is the ancient Buddhist ruins. You can also surf in the ocean, hike up Adam's Peak, visit a hidden temple deep in the mountains and enjoy amazing street food. Another day trip could include exploring the very popular Yala National Park.

Ring in the Sri Lankan New Year


Explore the Modern Culture of Latvia

If you are looking for a more modern destination that still has plenty of rich history and culture, look no further than Riga, Latvia. This capital city has top notch museums, old-but-still-standing wooden buildings and a lively square. The Old Town is strictly for pedestrians, making it a great place to begin your journey. The weather gets warmer and warmer as the month carries on, so if you prefer the warmer weather, travel closer to May to really get to enjoy the warmth. After you have explored the Old Town and visited some museums to really feel what Riga is all about, you can then explore the numerous cathedrals, churches and monuments. Take plenty of breaks during your trip to enjoy the amazing markets for some shopping and of course grab a bite to eat of traditional meat-heavy Latvian food.

Explore the modern culture of Latvia


Celebrate Rome's April birthday

As you know, the most amazing places to visit though are those that are not overrun with tourists and are more authentic, allowing you to explore the real culture of the people. But sometimes joining the crowds is necessary to enjoy a cultural event such as during the festivities surrounding Rome's birthday on April 21st. Plenty of tourists and Italians alike head to the city to celebrate, enjoy their heritage and really show off the true Italian culture. Many museums are free in the surrounding days and there will be plenty of events and festivities to join in. There are historical reenactments, parades and theatrical performances all showing off what it means to be Roman with the rich history and culture everywhere.

Celebrate Rome's April birthday