Travel: adventure, culture, relaxation - we all do it for different reasons. But what does your travel footprint say about you? From the Self-Improver to the Escapist, your vacation habits reflect your personality. So, which traveler type are you?


The Sightseer

The Sightseer is carefree and prefers traveling to popular tourist sites; you like to know what to expect on your travels. As such, you're used to battling the crowds as you navigate sites with guidebooks and tour guides! Some Sightseers might own a mobile home to travel to different destinations or, if you're traveling internationally, you may book an all-inclusive trip with a tour company. Cruises may also appeal to you as they provide an opportunity to visit new places through carefully planned, must-see site focused itineraries.

panorama of Colosseum


The Self-Improver

Delve into the unknown: this is the motto of the Self Improver. You like to live life to the fullest and make the most of every opportunity! From tasting new cuisines that turn your stomach to immersing yourself in new culture (such as Holi, the festival of colors in India - pictured), you'll always strive to make the most out of your travel experiences and to push yourself to new heights. Sensible, sturdy shoes are a must in your suitcase for exploring to your heart's content, and you'll also have limitless endurance as you power through your self-created travel itinerary. Likewise, as a Self-Improver, you will usually carry out a lot of research beforehand to ensure that your trip is brimful of activities and explorations - there's not a minute to waste!

Holi, festival of colours, painted face


The Collector

As a typical hunter-gatherer in the world of globe-trotting, the Collector likes to accumulate exotic moments and new worldly experiences. From Instagram-worthy snapshots to standout 'could-only-happen-to-me' memories, these experiences are then promptly shared with your nearest and dearest - and everybody else who follows you on social media, of course. A stickler for detail, you'll often recall more than the average traveler when you look back on your experiences, and you don't hesitate to shoot down the amateur adventurer who tries to compete with your poetic gap year travel tales.

woman taking selfie at Eiffel tower


The Conformist

The Conformist is one of the most universal types of traveler: as a member of the happily indifferent tourist flock, you travel mainly for a cloudless sky, pool-side relaxation, and perhaps the odd low-key excursion after a hard day's sunbathing. You leave roaming the wild to other, wilder travelers, sticking instead to roaming the grounds of your vast all-inclusive holiday complex in search of the buffet. Whilst some may refer to you as uninspired, you don't see it that way - after all, we all need some well-earned relaxation from time to time!

woman relaxing by pool on sunbed


The Thrill Seeker

Yearning for an adrenaline buzz that will send sparks through your veins, as a Thrill Seeker, your travels are defined by excitement. From scaling the vertical face of towering mountains to leaping parachute-clad out of a plane, you seek adventures that are more suited to a top-ten bucket list than a standard vacation itinerary. Needless to say, you find sunbathing and pool-lounging tediously dull; you'd much rather be using the great outdoors as the ultimate thrill-appeasing playground!

view from sky dive


The Escapist

Often seemingly illusive and mysterious, an Escapist is likely to utilize travel as the ultimate release. It may be that you have endured hardships in your time, such as feelings of failure, guilt or heartbreak - or that you simply find yourself bored with life. Either way, you turn to travel to escape the doldrums of reality, perhaps even looking to find a 'calling' in life. While some class such meandering travel as a needless distraction, you see it differently: traversing the globe inspires you and, whilst it may not rid you completely of your negative feelings, it certainly seems to bring you peace.

viewing temples


The Pioneer

Driven by the undiscovered, the Pioneer strives to venture beyond the over-trodden tourist track. Whilst you can't go full-explorer since the likes of Christopher Colombus already beat you to it, you certainly share his fearless desire to travel where few others dare. As a Pioneer, the wilderness is your idea of bliss: you'll avoid tourist hotspots like the plague, instead opting for Machu Picchu's less renowned little sister, Choquequirao. Likewise, you'll rarely visit the same place twice as you seek new experiences and new adventures. Unlike past explorers, a modern day pioneer might not always go it alone - you may find yourself organizing group 'expeditions'!

man walking over mountains


The Pilgrim

Underlined by tranquility, the Pilgrim will look for peace in their travels. Often following a religion - though not always, as some are history enthusiasts - you may be fascinated by mystical shrines or ancient temples and trails which once held a greater meaning to those who traversed them. Likewise, you may be captivated by holy sites which remain revered as sacred to this day. Whether you travel to a holy place to achieve a spiritual goal or simply out of curiosity, your mind is one which ponders the past.

the acropolis of Athens with blue sky behind


The Occasional

Precise and purposeful, the Occasional traveler only ventures abroad when there is a particular reason to. Whether you're jetting off for a wedding or - sigh - have to endure long-haul flights for work, your travel purpose is fleeting and often short-lived. For you, the act of traveling itself is more a necessity than a joy. Perhaps you relish the destinations but, overall, you're too busy to indulge in a long lasting vacation - or you simply just don't enjoy globe-trotting!

bride and groom on beach at sunset