Most people love to plan their next vacation, but it can sometimes be hard to decide where to go. Following the trends makes it easy to choose your next destination, and the experts are saying these are the countries not to miss this year as you see the world and broaden your horizons.



Canada might not be your top choice when you plan a vacation, but the country has a lot to offer. Canada has a growing food and spirits culture that makes it a foodie mecca. There are big cities full of museums and tourist attractions, but there are also a lot of wide open spaces for nature lovers. You won't regret seeing any part of Canada in 2017, including Toronto, which is home to many trendy restaurants and lovely places to stay.

Canada-Garibaldi Lake



There was a time when traveling to Colombia was not considered very safe, but that has changed. With the years of civil war and unrest mostly over, Colombia is a great place to spend 2017. There is a big cultural scene there with lots of local food and drinks to give you an authentic experience during your stay. Even the Pope is planning to visit Colombia in 2017, so make sure you see it, too. Plan to be there at the same time if you want to witness the Pope kissing the ground in Colombia.

Colombia-Santuario De Las Lajas



The Finnish people will celebrate 100 years in 2017, so it is a great place to see this year. The country plans to celebrate in a variety of ways, including festivals, food and championships. Spend time in the cities of Finland or experience everything that nature has to offer in the place. Finland has some pretty great skiing, so it is definitely a place you want to see some time in your life and is a great choice for a winter vacation.

Finland - helsinki



This Caribbean island is definitely one to see this year. Unlike many other islands in the area, there are not a bunch of big resorts here, leaving Dominica looking pretty much as it has for centuries. However, new tourism is set to come to the area, so make sure you see it in 2017 before the building begins to take over the shores of the island. Enjoy walking through the beautiful scenery and make sure to take a swim in the ocean, too.

Dominica-Scotts Head



Despite the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, there is still a lot of history in the country and plenty to see and do. Nepal is home to a plethora of ancient temples, many of which went unscathed during the natural disaster. There are also some well known walking trails and a lot of local culture that will make your stay something memorable and different than anywhere else you will ever travel.

#8 Nepal



Here is a tropical locale that will make any vacation in 2017 wonderful. The country is under British control, so you get a bit of another culture without traveling too far from the United States. It is off the coast of North Carolina, making it pretty easy to reach. Enjoy delicious seafood and the famous historic boat race as well as the lovely beaches and plenty of opportunities to relax. Don’t forget to have a cocktail while you watch the sun go down!

Bermuda-pink sand beach



A recent economic upturn in Mongolia makes it a standout place to see this year. Between the fancy hotels, tasty restaurants and the Blue Pearl of Asia, a beautiful blue lake, there is plenty to see and do here. Enjoy both city life and plenty of stunning scenery in Mongolia. Local food here is some of the best you'll ever taste, and you will also enjoy learning more about the history of the country and seeing some of the ancient architecture the country boasts, even after all these years.

Mongolia -Terelj National Park



Many people have never heard of Oman, but it is a country you won't want to miss this year. There are a wide range of high-end hotels and a new theme park opening in 2017. Enjoy local food and drink while you also fit in some rest and relaxation on your vacation. Make time to see the Royal Opera House and the Sultan's Armed Forces Museum. Think outside the box a little and consider Oman for your vacation this year.




Experts are predicting that Myanmar will see a huge number of visitors in 2017 due to its recent election of the first civilian government. When you visit this country, you can take a trip back in time to see Asian history and hospitality at its best. You will love seeing and hearing the chanting monks and their ancient temples as well as the many other historical buildings in the country.

Bagan, Myanmar



This is a country that has long been known for its severe poverty, but you can help pump money into the economy by seeing what the place has to offer. In 2017, be sure you see Simien Mountains and Lake Tana, while also sampling the local cuisine and immersing yourself in the local culture of the country. There are a surprising number of luxurious places to stay and visit in Ethiopia.




Because Guatemala does not get as much attention as other nearby countries, it is less crowded, but it is no less spectacular. Visit the colonial town of Antigua for history and local food. See Lake Atitlan for volcanoes and quaint little villages. Guatemala is also home to a range of ancient ruins and you’ll have plenty of chances to see the local culture and wildlife. The shopping in Guatemala is some of the best you'll ever find.




This Middle Eastern country is a great place to eat local food, visit religious sites and see scenery that is like no other in the world. Make sure you visit the Bait al Karama, which happens to be part of the Slow Food Movement and is a club and cooking school that is run entirely by the women of the country. Check with the experts to be sure you are choosing a safe time to see Palestine.



Papua New Guinea

Many cruise lines are adding this country to their schedules in 2017. Located close to Australia, there is lots to see and do here. July's Mask Festival is an event you won't want to miss, but if you do, there are lots of alternatives. See Milne Bay or Kokopo for delicious local cuisine and a chance to mingle with the locals and experience the culture of the area. Because you're close to the ocean, you can also enjoy water sports and tasty seafood.

Papua New Guinea



This South American country has so much to offer besides outstanding food and drink, which you won't want to miss. See Patagonia for beautiful views of glaciers or Aconcagua Valley for wine tasting. You'll also enjoy the high-end resorts in Chile while you spend your days shopping for local souvenirs and seeing all the lovely scenery the country has to offer. Make sure you take your camera so you can take lots of pictures!

Torres Del Paine-Chile



This country is Ukrainian and is now considered a fairly safe place to visit. The cities along the Black Coast are charming and offer a truly authentic experience in the country. Being so close to the sea means lots of tasty seafood on restaurant menus. Hikers and cyclists will enjoy getting out in nature and seeing all of the beautiful countryside that Georgia has to offer by exploring the many trails and outdoor areas in the country.