If you’re worried about cries of boredom this summer and want your kids to have some amazing experiences they’ll never forget then sending them to a summer camp could be your solution. Summer camps offer children the chance to take part in activities they might never normally experience, see new places, make lifelong friends and have once in a lifetime adventures. Here are 11 of the most highly regarded camps in America:

Virginia State Parks Youth Conservation Corps

Give your kids the chance to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the natural one. For 3 weeks, kids at the YCC live and work at the state park. The camp encourages them to make their own meals, partake in group chores and learn all about the natural world. The kids help with conservation projects, get to engage in the local community and learn what is involved in looking after a state park. It’s not all work and no play as there are heaps of outdoor activities and day trips to nearby attractions.Virginia State Parks Youth Conservation Corps

Thrill Coaster Tours

Something a bit different if your child or teen doesn’t like the sound of a traditional camp. If your kids are crazy about amusement park rides then this tour will be heaven for them. The kids travel around the country in a luxury bus and visit all the best theme parks and coasters the U.S has to offer! Along the way, they stay in hotels and spend two weeks doing what most kids love best – going on rides! Other activities included are laser tag and rock climbing.Thrill Coaster Tours

Plantation Farm Camp, California

If your family are looking for a camp that encourages environmentally friendly living and a focus on sustainability then Plantation Farm is the place. Situated on the California coast, this old farm fosters a love for animals and plants as its main goal. Your kids will learn about ecosystems and human impact while partaking in exciting activities like hiking to the sea, horse-riding, fort building in the redwood forest and barn dances in the evening.Plantation Farm Camp, California

Camp Moosilauke, New Hampshire

This is one of the oldest camps in America and places great emphasis on both land and water activities. Located in the White Mountains, the kids benefit from a lake and 200 acres of fields and woodland bliss. The camp is run only for boys and is perfect place to build confidence, try new activities and learn that success comes in many different ways. The camp has heaps of sporting facilities and opportunities to take part in canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and even cookery!Camp Moosilauke, New Hampshire

Campus Kids, New Jersey

If you think you’ll miss your kids or they don’t want to be away for weeks at a time then Campus Kids offers a unique solution. They’ll spend the week on camp but come home on weekends. There is a lot of choice in the activities that the kids get to choose, including music lessons, drama, swimming and sports. This camp is based in a prep school with amazing facilities and transportation back home is included too.Campus Kids, New Jersey

New York Film Academy Camps

These camps run all over the world and are perfect for all budding actors or directors out there. The camps offer the chance to learn about and gain invaluable experience in filmmaking, acting, animation and directing. The camps also run in California, Boston and Florida. Professional equipment is used and locations include Universal Studios, Harvard and Disney, depending on location. The kids are treated as young adults and totally immersed into the world of TV and movie making.New York Film Academy Camps

Camp Chief Ouray, Colorado

Run by the YMCA, the camp has been welcoming kids since 1908. It’s surrounding are simply stunning, set in Snow Mountain Ranch with 5,100 acres of mountain scenery, rivers and green fields. As you’d expect with a mountain ranch, activities include hiking, horse-riding, trekking and leadership skills teaching. If you want your child to enjoy some crisp, mountain air then the wilderness adventures of Camp Ouray will be perfect.Camp Chief Ouray, Colorado

Tripp Lake Camp, Maine

This camp is just for the girls and boasts a beautiful location surrounded by evergreens. Offering a culture of timeless values, the camp’s ethos is about self-discovery and growing in confidence. The activities are plentiful, including kayaking, theater, archery and horse-riding. The camp opened in 1911 and is considered one of the finest girl’s camps in America. Give your girls the chance to shine, make new friends and broaden their horizons.Tripp Lake Camp, Maine

Mountain Meadow Ranch, California

The landscape here is simply epic as the camp is situated in the Sierra Nevada mountain range near Lake Tahoe. Both boys and girls are welcome here to engage in art activities, adventure and a large selection of both land and water sports. The camp aims to promote personal development, environmental awareness and has an excellent reputation since its opening 60 years ago.Mountain Meadow Ranch, California

Lake Bryn Mawr Camp, Pennsylvania

Encouraging girls to be girls, the Lake Bryn Mawr camp is a girl only getaway sat at the foot of the spectacular Bryn Mawr Mountain. Here you’ll find rope adventure climbing, adventure trails and a whole host of other activities to ensure that there’ll never be a dull moment. Add to that a gym, multiple tennis courts, pools and an art studio.Lake Bryn Mawr Camp, Pennsylvania

Teton Valley Ranch Camp, Wyoming

Let your boys and girls unleash their inner cowboy (or cowgirl) at this great wilderness camp in Dubois, Wyoming. The ethos of the camp is to celebrate the traditions of the Old West and encouraging the kids to develop their physical and mental abilities by getting out and having adventures in the nearby caves, valleys and rivers. The accommodation is in log cabins, giving a real authentic ranch feel and activities include fishing and riding.Camp Chief Ouray, Colorado