Dating website asked 40,000 single American male users to select the nationality they found most attractive as well as the characteristics about that nationality that made it attractive. Resoundingly the deciding factors were body type and accent. Surprised? Neither are we. Click ‘Next’ to see the 10 countries with the most attractive women according to the survey, as well as the stunning starlets and models that come from them. Spoiler alert: America is nowhere to be found!

natalia vodianova Russia 2

10. Canada

Cassie Steele - CanadaCassie Steele, Actress

9. South Africa

Charlize Theron South AfricaCharlize Theron, Actress and Model

8. Bulgaria

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute GalaNina Dobrev, Actress

7. Australia

Miranda Kerr AustraliaMiranda Kerr, Model

6. Spain

Clara Alonso SpainClara Alonso, Model

5. The Philippines

Solenn Heussaff PhillipinesSolenn Heussaff, Model

4. Great Britain

Opening Ceremony And 'The Great Gatsby' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film FestivalCara Delevingne, Model and Actress

3. Colombia

Shakira ColombiaShakira, Singer

2. Russia

natalia vodianova RussiaNatalia Vodianova, Model and Actress

1. Brazil

Gisele Bundchen BrazilGisele Bundchen, Actress, Model and Producer

Don’t worry, ladies, didn’t skip you. The full survey polled more than 60,000 women for their preferences in men too. Interestingly enough, body type and accent were the biggest factors among women as well! Women’s hottest results for men:

  1. Australian
  2. Italian
  3. British
  4. Scottish
  5. Spanish
  6. American
  7. Irish
  8. Brazilian
  9. Canadian
  10. Dutch