Are you a seasoned traveler who’s feeling a little underwhelmed by the prospect of another stay in a hotel chain where all the rooms look the same no matter where you are in the world? Then you need to book into one of these hotels that offer something a bit different and unique from the run-of-the-mill accommodation. Here are some of the most unusual hotels in the world:

1. Longitude 131, Australia

This is the exact location of Uluru, the iconic red rock of Aboriginal legend. It’s also the name of a distinctive hotel with some of the best views of Ayers Rock you can hope to find. Each room is a tent-like cabin with floor to ceiling windows offering spectacular views across the desert. The cabins are all built on stilts and themed to represent different Australian pioneers. You even get amazing views from the luxurious shower in the ultra-modern bathroom facilities.

#1 Longitude 131, AustraliaSource

2. Tierra Atacama, Atacama, Chile

You might think you’ve landed on Mars when you arrive at this unusual destination. The desert landscape is certainly dramatic as you relax into your luxury boutique hotel styled with a minimalist theme. Everything is made from locally sourced materials like stone and wood and while this might sound barren, it’s ultra-modern with all meals included and a generous list of activities. A perfect location for climbing the nearby volcano and a spot of wild bird watching.

#2 Tierra Atacama, Atacama, ChileSource

3. Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

If you thought the star ratings only went up to 5 then think again as this hotel calls itself a 7-star location! Arrive by helicopter or Rolls Royce to start your extremely glam vacation in this 1053-foot futuristic tower. Not content with just a food menu, there’s a pillow menu too. Discover the underwater restaurant reached by mini-submarine or head straight up to the roof for a spot of tennis on the world’s highest court!

#10 Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

4. Book And Bed, Tokyo

If your idea of heaven is snuggling up with a good read then this is the place for you. Your sleeping space will look like a library, until you slide open a bookshelf to reveal bed, reading lamp and power outlet. The facilities are pretty basic and with 30 of these reading nooks, you’ll be tight for space and sharing bathrooms but if you’re looking for a place to stay with like-minded bibliophiles then you’ll love the atmosphere here. It’s cheap too so you’ll have plenty of extra cash for buying new books.

#4 Book And Bed, TokyoSource

5. Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Never been able to sleep on a plane? Maybe that’s because you had to share it with hundreds of other people. Now you can have a converted Boeing 727 all to yourself! The 1965 jet has been turned into a 2-bedroom guesthouse with the fuselage still perfectly intact. With views out over the ocean and jungle and patios over each wing, any aviation enthusiast will love staying here. The hotel’s restaurant is also located inside a C-123 Fairchild cargo plane!

#5 Hotel Costa Verde, Costa RicaSource

6. The Glass Floor House, Bali

This gorgeous setting is called Udang House and features a glass floor over a natural pond. The property is over a hundred years old with original shrimp baskets converted into lamps, a peaceful bubbling waterfall and great views over the Sayan Valley. With a half-in, half-out shower you can get close to nature and enjoy an authentic, rustic Balinese experience.

#12 The Glass Floor House, BaliSource

7. Silver Mine Hotel, Sweden

Not for the claustrophobia sufferers, this hotel boasts the world’s deepest hotel room. 508 feet below ground, this hotel is located in a former silver mine from the 1600s. Your stay will include a tour of the mine and a glimpse at the original mine shaft dated 1690. Wrapping up warm is advised and note that communication is by radio only as cell phones won’t work!

#11 Silver Mine Hotel, Sweden

8. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

You can expect to see the Big Five if you head off on safari in Africa but how about sharing your dinner table with a giraffe? A stay in this beautiful quaint colonial mansion in Kenya will provide some unusual roomies in the form of a resident herd of Rothschild giraffes. There are 10 luxury apartments but the excitement happens at breakfast and dinner when the windows are opened and the giraffes encouraged to dig in alongside guests!

#8 Giraffe Manor, KenyaSource

9. Art Masion, Greece

The honeymoon suites at this hotel in Santorini feature private cave pools with blue ambient lighting for the ultimate in romance and relaxation. The hotel is located on the side of a cliff over the ocean in the former caldera of an extinct volcano. There are stunning views across the white-washed village which light up at night and an infinity pool to top it off. One of the prettiest hotel locations on earth!

#9 Art Masion, Greece

10. Golden Crown Levin Iglut, Finland

From desert to ice, this hotel has 18 glass igloos to choose from where you can lie back and watch the beauty of the Northern Lights. Each igloo comes with all the facilities you could need and even features adjustable headrests on the bed for finding that sweet spot for viewing the aurora. A steaming outdoor hot tub awaits you for star-gazing in ultimate luxury.

#3 Golden Crown Levin Iglut, Finland

11. Manta Resort, Zanzibar

A stunning resort anyway but made more unusual by its special Underwater Room. Imagine your bed surrounded by glass that allows you to see the world beneath the waves. Reef fish swim by, totally oblivious to your gaze and by night, spotlights shine at the window which attracts tropical fish and octopuses to come say hello. Living facilities are above, with a rooftop deck for sun-bathing but you sleep below with the fishes!

#7 Manta Resort, ZanzibarSource

12. Treehouse Lodge, Peru

What could be more tranquil than sleeping to the sounds of the rainforest in the background? To reach this stunning accommodation takes an hour-long boat ride, followed by a 67-foot climb to discover eight treehouses above the canopy of the forest. A simple curtain and mosquito net are all that lie between you and the jungle. Follow the rope bridge to a communal treehouse where you’ll be served authentic gourmet dishes. Your very own personal tour guide will take you to visit local villages and see the river dolphins nearby.

#6 Treehouse Lodge, Peru