If you are looking for the cheap Caribbean vacations this winter here are some great options.

Cheap Caribbean Vacation Packages in Varadero, Cuba

A number of cheap Caribbean vacation packages are available in this region. The commercialized stretch of beach goes out to a restricted peninsula, and the all-inclusive resorts were built for crowds that want cheap Caribbean vacation packages. You get good deals and a good value with quality beachfront resorts. Once Americans start to leisure in this area again in greater numbers, the crowds will thicken. Until then, the beaches are more sparse and intimate. It is a good location for families, honeymooners, and those who want a relaxing beach vacation away from the crowds.

Varadero, Cuba


Some of the best cheap Caribbean vacations come from getting good flights in conjunction with cheap travel packages. JetBlue offers surprisingly cheap flights from New York City into Curacao, which makes it a great value for certain travelers. Curacao is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and gives you a chance to do some fun diving. There are some cheap hotels in the southern part of the Caribbean, and it has a large and popular airport, which helps keep airfares down from key cities across the United States. You don't have to worry about hurricanes around here because Curacao is seldom in the right path to get hit by those. Autumn trips are a great value, and the beauty is unmatchable.


Puerto Playa, Dominican Republic

Cheap Hawaii packages may be harder to find, but if you want an all-inclusive package to Puerto Plata, you can find it very affordable. Puerto Plata has several resort beaches on the north shore and the hotels are among the cheapest in the Caribbean. The diving and snorkeling aren't as good as they get in this region, but they are still a lot of fun. Flights to the nearby airport aren't as cheap as they are to some other areas, but the reasonable all-inclusive packages often make up for that. The drive from the airport is about two hours, but the all-inclusive options can give travelers a good deal.


It's a little farther away than other Caribbean destinations, but there are great airfares from the US to Barbados. There might be cheap Hawaii vacation packages to take advantage of, but if you want to truly get away, Barbados might be a better location for you. The island has the blue sea and palm trees just like Hawaii in addition to many good-value beach resorts and some high-end accommodations as well. The developed hotel scene doesn't feel quite as exciting as some of the other options, but diving is excellent if you want to try it out.

Rincon, Puerto Rico

If surfing is your goal, Rincon is a great destination for you. This city is located on the west coast of Puerto Rico. There are more developed areas in San Juan, but surfers love Rincon and often rent houses right on the beach in order to stay as close to the waves as possible. Hotels can be pricey, so house rental is a good, cheap option. Flights to the local airport are generally inexpensive, but flights into San Juan are sometimes worth the extra drive. If you can't get enough of the waves and the beach, there's no better location for you in the Caribbean.

La Romana, Dominican Republic

This destination has a lot of cheap hotels, but it is better known for its large, upscale resorts. The Casa de Campo Resort is famous for starting the resort trend, and it gives travelers an exclusive passage to the resort area. If you want to stay with an upscale crowd, try this resort. There are several airports from which to choose, and many area resorts offer shuttle services from the airport to their locations. The brand new highways between the airports and resorts make for an easy trip, and the palm trees and beaches make it worth the traveling.

Cheap Travel Packages to Cancun, Mexico

The greater Cancun region includes Playa del Carmen, the area known as Cozumel and Riviera Maya. These three regions include a huge cluster of resorts and one busy airport. You can get great cheap travel packages, stay in one place, or even travel around between the regions while you are there. It is easy to get cheap flights from almost anywhere, and the hotel prices are so good that they are sometimes suspiciously low. Cancun is the setting for the best cheap Caribbean vacations because of the low prices. Keep an eye on hotel locations because some of the cheapest hotels are not within walking distance of the beach. Instead of staying among a strip of hotels, watch for places in Playa del Carmen, an hour south of the airport. You will get a town feel instead of a beach, resort atmosphere. There are plenty of family friendly things to do in the area, but you can have a relaxing spa vacation, too.

Cancun, Mexico

Negril, Jamaica

Negril is just 90 minutes from the Montego Bay Airport by road and has a west-facing beach that is just beautiful. With a variety of 2- and 3-star hotels, there are plenty of cheap, great-value locations from which to choose. There are also more pricey, upscale, all-inclusive resorts along this area, giving you a good mix of options. The 7-Mile Beach has smaller hotels and a couple of larger ones, along with some exclusive options. If you want to visit Jamaica itself and not just the grounds of a hotel, Negril is the perfect destination. You can get better deals here than you can with cheap Hawaii vacation packages, and you can enjoy many of the same activities.

St. Lucia

This remote location is surprisingly high in value because of the 3-star beach resorts that come at a good price. Flights can sometimes be strangely expensive, so you will need to watch for a good time to get a decent deal on airfare. St. Lucia is a popular stop for cruise ships, and you will find upscale resorts and a variety of groups visiting. It is fun to sit on the beach and watch the cruise ships dock and unload as you relax in the sand. There are also plenty of water and spa-related activities to enjoy during a visit to St. Lucia.