Budding travel photographers can easily set themselves apart by taking one of the best cruises offering unique opportunities to hone their skills.

Discover the best cruises to hone photography skills

Discover the best cruises to hone photography skills

Nothing beats the sea in giving you breathtakingly beautiful shots to hone your photography skill.

Uncover your inner photographer

Anyone with a camera can take a picture, but not everyone makes an excellent photographer. It requires a considerable amount of training and practice to build sufficient skills as a photographer, so you need to keep honing your skills at every possible moment. As strange as it might appear, taking a cruise is your best chance of polishing your skill set to an art form and break through any glass ceiling that may be haunting you. In addition to the spellbinding coastal scenery, you get to capture beautiful moments at unusual angles to give you excellent perspective. Additionally, the best cruises present you with a chance to capture and document beautiful moments of marine animals. In fact, during a transatlantic cruise, you’ll get a rare opportunity to capture a diverse range of scenery and sea animals at close range.

Uncover your inner photographer

A cruise to Costa Rica and Panama

Available all year round, these cruises to Panama and Costa Rica present you with a diverse range of mind-boggling scenery. You can capture excellent shots as you hike through the scenic jungle, skiff or kayak through the mangrove forest, or pass through the Panama Canal. In addition to the birds and wildlife, you get a shot at the marine life as you snorkel in the myriad of pristine islands. Stopovers during the Panama Canal cruise would allow you to document the customs of the natives as you pay a visit to their villages. Additionally, such cruises often have a professional photographer in attendance to help you polish your craft further. They are amenable to doling out advice during the best cruises to help you get the greatest shots of people, scenery, and wildlife. Embarking on an eight-day Panama Canal cruise not only recharges your mind, body and spirit but also takes your photography skills up a couple of notches.

Sail on the South America cruises

Delving into the rich cultural history and magnificent splendor that South America has to offer on a luxury cruise is a dream come true for any photography enthusiast. From the old worlds of Lima and Cusco to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, the timeless landscape gently waves at the passing South America cruises. The picturesque yet stunning view allows you to take countless shots behind the lenses and document your sojourn in great style. The stark contrast of the sparkling overnight cities of Buenos Aires, Ushuaia and Rio de Janeiro is yours to conquer as you pass by on the best cruises. The three cities brim with a culture rich in art and music, offering you a rare opportunity to display your skills by bringing them alive in your pictures. You can capture the pristine beauty of the great Amazon River as the South America cruises head down the largest river in the world. On the 18-day Inca Discovery best cruises, you have access to three UNESCO Heritage sites: Machu Picchu, Valparaiso, and Tikal. The beauty and splendor of these locations present you with the extensive practice as you clamor to capture each moment with your camera.

Sail on the Southern America cruises

Go on a Cunard Transatlantic Cruise

If your sense of adventure peaks at the mention of high seas, you cannot go wrong with a transatlantic cruise. The eight-day crossing takes you on a civilized adventure that leaves you invigorated and excited. The service shuttles between New York and Southampton on the luxurious Queen Mary 2. The best cruises take you past the route with the highest number of story building in the history of sailing. The floating marvel whisks you through breathtaking scenery in luxurious comfort. The ship’s staterooms include a private balcony that enables you to experience the thrill of the open seas at a moderate 25 knots. You can take advantage of this opportunity to capture the gorgeous landscape in stunning detail. You’ll get to experiment with various angles and improve your shots of items in motion, and you can also polish your skills in the largest floating ballroom in the world. With the right timing and equipment, you can capture beautiful shots as people whirl and twirl away to the fine music without a care in the world.

Go on a Cunard Transatlantic Cruises

The Galapagos

Sailing away to the pirates’ hideout that is now a World Heritage Site puts a highly diverse range of unusual flora and fauna within your reach. The large swathes of pristine landscape hosting wildlife in the archipelago await you and your camera. You are bound to have tons of fun clicking away at the 14 species of tortoises that gave the island its unique name. Galapagos is a Spanish name for “saddle-back”, describing the shapes of the large shells of the tortoises inhabiting the island. Other exciting wildlife to capture on camera include marine and terrestrial iguana, lava lizards and hoary bats. You can also snap shots of the equally diverse and colorful marine life that includes a myriad of whales, dolphins, fur seals, sea lions, green sea turtles and golden rays. In addition, you’ll get to practice your skills capturing images of a broad range of sea and land birds. Some of the species are native to the island, while some are migratory, coming to nest on the island periodically.

The Galapagos

A Greece Cruise

Explore the many islands of Greece and photograph the natural beauty of both the new and old world Mediterranean on a Greece cruise. The modern city of Athens is a wonderful site to capture Greece's ancient wonders including the Acropolis, Parthenon, Daphni Monastery and Theatre of Dionysus. On a Greece Cruise you will also discover Santorini which is one of the most visually impressive islands, and will guarantee you some great pictures. Sunset is the best time to capture the islands in all their glory, so spend some time snapping away at the architecture during the day in places such as Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu, and wait patiently in the evening for the sun to slowly go down as it will give you magnificent shots that will make this trip truly worthwhile.