A guided tour of Paris is a great way to experience the city and get a full appreciation of its history and significance.

What Do the Best Paris Tours Packages Feature?

When most people think about Paris, images of the famous Eiffel Tower and the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral come to mind. Some individuals might even recall a fact or two about the city's turbulent history. Although these things are exceptional reasons to take a Paris vacation, they shouldn't be your only ones.

Here are some main points of interest to check out in and around Paris.

The Eiffel Tower and Paris Museum Pass

If you're like most visitors, the Eiffel Tower is one of the places you want to see the most on the best Paris vacation packages. The tower first came to light during the World Fair of 1889 and reaches more than 1,000 feet into the sky. You can find the tower in the Champ de Mars of central Paris.

It's important that you obtain Eiffel Tower tickets as soon as possible to reserve your spot during your tour of Paris. The tower attracts a host of visitors throughout the year, which might make it difficult to see it during your vacation or purchase tickets when you arrive to the city.

You also want to obtain enough Eiffel Tower tickets for everyone in your party. The tickets may include meals at the many restaurants inside the tower. The tower currently offers dining on multiple floors and features a champagne lounge on the top floor. The tower's top floor also offers buffet dining and extensive views of the city.

After you leave the Eiffel Tower, take a museum tour. Museum passes allow you to explore historic castes, art centers and much more on your tour. If you prefer to visit museums at night, don't worry; the passes can also include night tours. Children are allowed at the majority of Paris museums, so don't forget to obtain passes for your entire family.

The Eiffel Tower and Paris Museum Pass

The Wine Country in Reims

If you've ever sampled a bottle of rich, red Pinot Noir or classic Sauvignon Blanc, it most likely came from France's wine country. You can explore wine country during your Paris vacation by taking a wine tasting tour.

Wine tasting tours take you through the green countryside of France. The countryside consists of miles of grape vines, trees and hills surrounded by small villages and large wine estates. Some of the Paris tours of wine country are day trips, which means that you spend an entire day sampling different grape varieties, cheese and other treats. The closest destination for wine tasting is Champagne, a region located in the city of Reims.

It normally takes an hour to reach Reims from Paris, but you typically spend anywhere from one to five days in the city depending on the Paris vacation packages you select. Once you arrive to Reims, you can head straight to the wine producers in the region or you can take some time and visit the city's many sites of interest.

The area features some of France's most beautiful and haunting sites, including the battlefields of the First World War. Here you will find a monument dedicated to the soldiers and civilians who perished during the war.

After you see the battlefields, you may want to visit the large, Gothic cathedral in the area. The cathedral was once used to crown French monarchy. Today, it's an expansive historical site that attracts travelers from all over the world who come to see its high towers, impressive rib vaults and stained glass windows. Close by lies the Palais du Tau, which previously housed the Archbishop of Reims and various French kings.

Now you're ready to sample the wines of the Champagne region, also known as the Champagne-Ardenne region. The area features a host of Champagne Houses, many of which are well known around the world, including G.H. Martel and Villa Demoiselle.

Champagne G.H. Martel offers tastings and tours every day except Christmas and New Year's Day. Just minutes from St. Remi Basilica, you can explore G.H. Martel's 18th-century structures and chalk pits as you sample small glasses of champagne.

The Villa Demoiselle is modern in design and offers tastings from March to December. However, the exact days and times may vary. In addition, you must make reservations to visit the Villa Demoiselle. It's a good idea to go over the scheduling with your travel agent if you would like to add the villa to your list of Paris tours.

Your travel agent or representative can also add tours of wine country's other Champagne Houses to your itinerary if you wish to explore more during your Paris vacation. You want to specifically visit the Maison Ruinart, which is the oldest and most prestigious house in wine country. Your sampling includes three of the house's finest champagnes, or cuvées. The third sampling occurs in a private setting or room, which allows you some time to relax and reflect about your journey to wine country and Paris in general.

Once you complete your Paris tours of wine country, take time to see the sites in Paris itself.

The Wine Country in Reims