Finding great places to visit during your vacation isn't easy, but with the right tips, you can find the ultimate adventure vacations in the USA.

Find the Ultimate Adventure Vacations In The USA

Find the Ultimate Adventure Vacations In The USA

Here are awesome adventures and destinations you and your kids can't pass up this year.

Adventure Vacations for the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to explore different destinations with your kids. You want to keep your loved ones as busy as possible while they take a break from school, but to do so, you must use your vacation time wisely. Otherwise, your summer could be a bust.

Your ultimate adventure vacations in the USA begins in the Sunshine State, or Florida. Known for its mild winters and hot summers, Florida is one of the best places to visit any time of the year, especially summer. You may already know about Disney World in Orlando or Busch Gardens in Tampa, but what you might know or hear much about is the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Bay.

Lowry Park Zoo spans more than 60 acres and features five species of animals from all over the world, including reptiles and mammals. The zoo enclosures allow you to see many of the animals up close, which is a treat for children. Several of the habitats and animals are new to the park, including the Indian gharial.

The Indian gharial resembles Florida's American alligator species from a distance, but when you look closely, you will notice many key differences between the two species. Instead of having the large, rounded snout of the American alligator, the snouts of gharials are elongated and sharp. In addition, the Indian gharial only consumes fish. The American alligator will eat fish, mammals, and they will even eat each other on occasion.

Indian gharials aren't the only attractions at the zoo. You can also find plenty of rides, games and food to keep your family busy. Smaller children will love the Splash Park, while tweens will get a kick out of the Go-Behind-the-Scenes enclosure. The adults in your party can feel free to explore any of the activities as well.

Your next adventure takes you to the Ocala National Forest in Ocala. The forest features 600 bodies of water, including lakes and streams, many of which are ideal for swimming and diving. The many hot springs located here might interest your family. Heated springs are known to ease body pain and chest congestion.

Some travelers like to snorkel and canoe when they reach the park. Several areas of the park are only accessible by canoe, including Billies Bay Wilderness and Juniper Prairie Wilderness. The natural fauna, waterways and marine life call the protected areas home, so be aware of this on your visit. It may be possible for you to rent your equipment from local dealers, so be sure to ask a travel agent about it. The park's visitor guide and center will also tell you where to find the best water activities and equipment.

You can also hike the forest and see native wildlife, such as black bears and raccoons. Be wary of these animals, as they are known to steal unattended food items. If you camp out at the forest, keep all perishable items in sealed containers and stored in your RV, car or truck.

Adventure Vacations for the Summer

Adventure Vacations for the Winter

The cold season is another great time to travel. If you live in the south, take a wintry trip to Lake Tahoe in California. Lake Tahoe offers just about anything you can think of, including skiing and ice skating. Several resorts reside around the lake, which gives you many choices of where to stay during your visit. The resorts generally offer their own ski activities to make it easier on guests.

Squaw Valley Resort is one of the most popular resorts in the area because of its offerings. The resort features ski areas for both beginners and experienced travelers, and you can always use the resort's ski lifts to reach your destinations instead of trekking through snow.

If skiing isn't your thing, take a cable car ride to the ice rink in High Camp. The Olympic-based rink is perfect for year-round activities. While you may be able to rent your skates, it's probably best that you bring your own just in case you need them. Don't forget to sign your little ones up for skating lessons during your trip.

The next ultimate adventures vacations in the USA take you to WinterFest in Oregon this upcoming February. Although most snowbirds make their way south for the winter, you can head north for yours. WinterFest is an amazing place to experience musical extravaganzas, concerts and other outdoor events. If you love Reggae and American Indie Pop, you'll love the concerts given in mid-February. For tickets, times and dates, consult with a travel agent today.

WinterFest also includes motocross events, which may be options for your kids and teens. Metal Mulisha is a popular annual event that features some of the top tricksters, riders and performers from across the United States. The events last about two hours and generally occur in the middle of February. Tickets usually go on sale a few months before the events begin, so get yours early to avoid problems when you book the ultimate adventure vacations in the USA.

Adventure Vacations for the Winter