Summer vacation is around the corner and if you are like many families you plan to get away and take a trip. The problem is that many other families will all be flocking to the same destinations and this can be troublesome, without a little forethought that is. If peak season is the only time for your family to take that much needed vacation, due to work and school restrictions then make the most of it by following these tips to make it the best possible experience.

Most Attractions are Open

Peak season will mean that you will not need to worry about attractions being closed. You will have the highest likelihood of seeing every attraction on your itinerary and the hours are often extended.Most Attractions are Open

Crowd Avoidance

If you go early or late in the season then the crowds will start to taper off as people head home. Remember school years start at different times of the year in some countries.Crowd Avoidance

Seek out the less travelled destinations

Picking a less known destination means that there will be less people there. For example in Greece instead of heading to Santorini, which is one of the more well-known islands consider Corfu as it gets a lot less attention. You will get virtually the same weather and type of beaches, but without the crowds and price tag.Seek out the less travelled destinations

Spend the night

Instead of day-trips consider visiting popular attractions in the evening when the day-trip masses have left. You can also consider setting out first thing in the morning when attractions first open the next day.Spend the night

Prepare for the Heat

It will be hot and if you are dressed for the heat of the summer and take your time to get places then it will not stop you. Consider stopping into quaint cafes for frequent hydration breaks.Prepare for the Heat

Plan trips for July and August

Plan to go to urban centres for July and August, as that is when most people are heading out of the city to the beach.Plan trips for July and August

Some places are better in Peak Season

Places such as Scandinavia and Ireland are more enjoyable to visit when the weather is the warmest, and there are no horrible crowds to contend with as they are not the most popular summertime destinations.Some places are better in Peak Season

More People to Meet

Accommodations will be fully booked and everywhere will be bustling with activity. You will likely have richer experiences in peak summer season as you will meet more people from around the world.More People to Meet

Days are Longer

It will stay light until 9:30-10pm meaning you can stay out later and get more done. Taking a late night stroll or having a late dinner can mean that you will have some quieter times later in the day.Days are Longer


Consider going to a festival or outdoor event as there will be lots going on in addition to the regular attractions. Open air concerts, art exhibits and busker festivals are but a few options.Festivals