When planning for your trek you will need to be strategic. What and how to pack are your key consideration. Start with a list and then lay everything out that you need to pack. Making your backpack comfortable for those long days on the road is key so the following tips are about maximizing space and keeping your pack comfortable with proper weight distribution.

Roll your clothes

Rolling clothes will allow you to keep your t-shirts and pants wrinkle free. Also, if you have any fragile items to you put them in the centre of rolled clothes for safe-keeping.Roll your clothes

Separate your money

Keeping your money in several areas of your pack and on your person will help you to safe-guard against pickpockets and from theft.Separate your money


Take a photocopy of your passport

Keeping a photocopy of your passport in a safe place in your pack could come in handy if your actual passport is lost or stolen. If you go into a consulate with the photocopy it is a lot easier to verify your identity and expedite a replacement.Take a photocopy of your passport


Pack items you will need for camp or hostel at the bottom of your pack

Pack those items you will not need often at the bottom. When you are at your hostel you will have the space to fully unpack your backpack and pack it all back up again. You will not want to do that when you are on your travels.Pack items you will need for camp or hostel at the bottom of your pack


Bring toilet paper

Toilet paper is a luxury that we often take for granted. It can be handy to have your own 3-ply supply with you, as the paper supplied may not be of the same standards as you are used to, and even in some parts of the world you may not have toilet paper supplied in public bathrooms.Bring toilet paper


Have a travel book and phrase book

A travel book and phrase book are very handy resources that you will refer to often. You will likely want to read through these before you set out on your trip, but you will also find maps and quick stock phrases very handy.Have a travel book and phrase book


First-aid kit

Accidents are bounds to happen and you will want to have sterile supplies to tend to any little cuts, scrapes or blisters.First-aid kit


Sewing kit

Being able to repair small tears with clothes or sew on a button that has come loose is great when you are on the road. Also, you will likely have a few scenarios where a safety pin may come in handy.Sewing kit


Pack evenly

Distribute weight evenly and help yourself keep a good centre of gravity. Pack heavy items near the bottom and centre of the backpack and pack things like socks and underwear on the outside where room permits.

Pack evenly


Wash bag

Keep a waterproof bag for dirty clothes that need to be washed in your bag so that you can easily keep worn clothes separate until you can do laundry. Also, if you will be doing any swimming then strongly consider a second bag for wet clothes if you are unable to dry them before packing up.Wash bag