For a lot of us we travel to escape the drudgery and daily grind of our jobs, but imagine having a job that allows you to travel and make ends meet at the same time. People who have the travel bug often consider taking a job due to the fact that it allows you to combine a passion for travel with work. You may also take a job solely for the perks of travel that come with the job.

1. Flight Attendant

It is well-known that flight attendants get to travel as part of their work and often they will get to stay over at the destination before returning home, giving them the opportunity to take in some quick sight-seeing. The other perk for a travel agent is great deals on travel for vacation.Flight Attendant

2. Travel Blogger

While this is a hard job to make a living at in the beginning, once you have invested some significant time and money and gained a good readership this job allows you to travel and write about your experiences. For those that make it at travel blogging, they truly get to live the dream of doing what they love to pay the bills.Travel Blogger

3. Cruise Ship Job

Working on a cruise ship is hard work, depending on whether you work as part of the entertaining crew or ship crew, but the long periods away from home are a great way to save money and you will have the ability to disembark at ports of call in your free time.Cruise Ship Job

4. English Teacher

Teaching English as a second language can take you to many destinations around the world. The demand to learn English in Asia, especially will allow you to live and work in a foreign country and travel on days off. You will be able to vacation in some exotic countries on your vacation also that you may not have ventured to.English Teacher

5. Bartender

Foreign bar staff are great at attracting business and this job can literally take you anywhere in the world that alcohol is sold.Bartender

6. Tour Guide

If you speak more than one language and are good with dates and names then becoming a tour guide in a foreign country is a feasible option. You will get to know major tourist attractions really well and get to meet many different people in the process.Tour Guide

7. Yoga/Fitness Instructor

Consider teaching yoga or fitness classes at a resort in a tropical vacation. The demand for tourists to continue their fitness regime wherever they go, means that demand is high and the lifestyle of teaching exercise classes abroad is laidback lifestyle.YogaFitness Instructor

8. Au Pair

Becoming an au pair has allowed young women to live with families abroad and make an allowance, while taking on childcare and housework responsibilities. Often travel opportunities can also present themselves with the family au pairs work for, when the family vacations they may need help.Au Pair

9. Resort Worker

Working at a foreign resort as entertainment or hotel staff is a great way to subsidize your ability to live somewhere tropical. Typically accommodations are arranged for you and it is easy and cheap to take day trips on days off.Resort Worker

10. Freelance Photographer

Working as a freelance photographer will often send you too many exotic and remote international locales. With freelance work you ultimately will get to choose the assignments you want to take, so the job and travel opportunities are as interesting and diverse as you are open to.Freelance Photographer