In today's world, it's easy to find out all you want about the world – just log on to Instagram. Avid travellers use this free photo sharing app to show off all the amazing places they visit throughout the world and, lucky for us, we get to follow them – well, not actually, physically follow them. But become one of their followers on their Instagram account. The app allows users to explore by searching destinations, activities and people. But instead of you doing the work and looking through thousands of accounts, we have narrowed down some of the best accounts of talented photographers and travellers to help you do your research for your next trip.

1. @samhorine: Sam Horine

Based in New York, Sam Horine focuses on places that society has forgotten about, such as abandoned factories and back alleys. When he isn't travelling, he is teaching classes at New York University and taking photos to submit to the New York magazine. The Village Voice actually named his Instagram account the best in New York City.@samhorine


2. @kirstenalana: Kirsten Alana

While she lives in New York City, Kirsten Alana likes to travel the world and blog about her trips. Her pictures are bold and reflect her insightful and varied travels, capturing a variety of memories that include food, architecture and people.


3. @muradosmann: Murad Osmann

This photographer travels the world with his model girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova. Through his Instagram #followmeto project, he takes pictures of his girlfriend dressed in local fashion attire, leading him to visit a vibrant scene. The photos look like she is pulling him along to experience the trip. The project was featured in Harper's Bazaar Bride India, which brought him a lot of fame in the travel and photography industry in 2015. He is based in Moscow.



4. @expertvagabond: Matthew Karsten

When Matthew Karsten broke up with his girlfriend and quit his job in 2010, he hoped on a one-way flight to Guatemala and became The Expert Vagabond. His photos are bright and exciting and beautiful – since they are taken while he kayaks and snowboards in extreme destinations around the world. @expertvagabond

5. @ovunno: Oliver Vegas

Oliver Vegas describes his photography as grasp, feel and transmit. Born in Barcelona, he started travelling at just 17 and hasn't stopped looking for new places to photograph since. His Instagram account takes you around the world through raging rapids, GoPro selfies and unique angles.@ovunno


6. @NVRguys: Kent and Caanan Reiersgaard

The account is named NVR (No Vacation Required) to remind visitors that they don't have to travel to experience certain places. They work as Expedia Viewfinders, a project by Expedia to promote the travel seller with the knowledge of independent travel bloggers. So even though they are travelling for Expedia, their account still gives you a fun taste of life.@NVRguys

7. @wheresandrew: Andrew Evans

This man's focus is on finding the authenticity in traveling, which he showcases on his account. His pictures can be fun and silly while giving you a seriously beautiful view of the places he visits – all captured exclusively with his iPhone.@wheresandrew


8. @theblondeabroad: Kiersten Rich

After travelling to Spain on a study abroad program during college, she knew travelling was her thing. So she quit her corporate financier gig and @theblondeabroad was born. Her Instagram account is filled with fun, bold and happy moments that she has experienced while travelling to more than 40 countries.@theblondeabroad

9. @BucketListJrny: Annette White

Most of us have a bucket list but Annette White is making her list a reality. The freelance writer is traveling around the world and checking off all 34 countries on her list. She made the list shortly after overcoming an anxiety disorder and deciding to never let fear limit her choices. Her Instagram account celebrates all the people she has met, the food she has tasted and other experiences she has had. @BucketListJrny


10. @migrationology: Mark Wiens

If you are a foodie, you'll want to follow Mark Wiens – who is a firm believer in food bringing people together. His idea of migrationology is about doing what you're passionate about – and his Instagram account is about tasty, diverse cuisine. But his trips are more about just tasting food in different countries, it's about meeting people – including his wife, Ying, who he met on his travels to Thailand in 2013. @migrationology