Looking for some sun and relaxation this summer? How about some beautiful white sand to sink your toes into before splashing around in the water while the sun beats down on you? Well, lucky for you, the world is filled with beaches that will leave you thinking about only one thing – how good your tan will look. Below are some of the best beaches from around the world that you will definitely want to visit this summer. So pack the sunscreen, a good book, some snacks and be prepared to let your mind and body relax. Beach Destinations For Summer 2016

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

You don't have to worry about staying at a tourist-packed resort when you visit Mexico. This beach, near Puerto Vallarta, is a 192-mile stretch of Pacific coastline that has yet to be discovered by tourists. You will get everything you want out of a beach vacation here, including jungle adventures and humpback whale sightings. There's also a great culinary scene and several hotels to choose from.

Riviera Nayarit


The Philippines offer a great mix of indigenous and European cultures in Southeast Asia and have more than 7,000 islands waiting to be explored. You can choose from commercial resorts or more private-island areas. One of the most popular is El Nido, located in the northern part of Palawan province. Here you will see limestone cliffs that sit above beautiful bays that are filled with an array of sea life. The white-sand beaches are also popular for anyone who enjoys diving.

El Nido


This area has so much to offer with more than 600 miles of coastline. You will see some of the most beautiful golden sands, pebbly coves and nature reserves. Visit the northern side if you are looking for a busy area with other tourists or the southern side for more wild stretches of sand. If you want a break from the beach, you can explore Greek and Roman ruins and some of the best cuisine you'll ever taste. If you love wine, be sure to take a break from the sun and visit one of the island's 700 vineyards.

Cefalu Sicily

Emerald Coast, Ecuador

If you are looking for a more rustic beach area to visit, look no further than Emerald Coast. It is filled with green-focused eco-resorts that are meant to preserve the natural surroundings. The best part is that this area is small enough to explore in just one week, which means you can enjoy a relaxing day on the beach, as well as hiking, jungle exploration and whale-watching. Another highlight would be a visit to Quito, the highest capital city in the world. You will also get a chance to stand with one foot in both the northern and southern hemispheres at the Intinan Solar Museum.

Galapagos Islands


It may be expensive to get here, but once you do, you won't be disappointed. The beaches here are filled with white powder, gentle waves and gorgeous coral reefs. You can also take a break from the sun and visit some of the up-scale boutiques or enjoy delicious traditional culinary food. The nicest hotels are located in Tumon, including the Dusit Thani, one of the island's five-star resorts. You will also be treated to some great cultural events and festivals, including the Guam International Marathon, the LIVE International Music Festival, Guam BBQ Block Party and the yearly Shop Guam Festival.

Guam Tumon Beach

San Sebastian, Spain

This is one of Spain's most popular cities, mainly because of its beautiful beaches. You can stay at the Hotel Maria Cristina, which is considered one of the city's most luxurious hotels and is where many celebrities stay when they are in town for the film festival. You could also stay at the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra, which is located on the promenade and offers amazing coastline views. You can also visit some of the best traditional bars and restaurants along the historic streets of the Parte Vieja.

San Sebastian


If you're looking to visit a different beach every day of your vacation, this is the spot for you. Some say there are 365 beaches located here, just enough to visit one every day of the year. Others say there are 52, or one to visit every weekend. Either way, there are plenty of areas to pull out your beach blanket and relax for the day. Another bonus is that no buildings are located on Darkwood Beach, so you are sure to get a private, relaxing experience.


San Diego

This Southern California city has more than 70 miles of pristine coastline and beautiful beaches that have been compared to those you'd find in Hawaii or the Mediterranean. Beaches here offer views of dramatic cliffs and exotic coves with palm trees and some of the bluest waters you'll ever see. This area is popular for those who love to surf, snorkel or stand-up paddle. If you are looking for a bohemian feel, you can visit Ocean Beach. If you want more of a party scene, visit Pacific Beach. If going nude is your thing, Black's Beach is where you want to be.

San Diego

Puglia, Italy

Located in the boot of the Italian peninsula on the Adriatic Sea, the beach towns of Puglia have been popular destinations for centuries by Italians. But other people are starting to see the beauty is this rather undiscovered region because of its relaxing and authentic Italian coastal experience. There are new luxury resorts that have been built as well as ancient port towns and traditional restaurants that serve some of the best seafood you'll ever experience.

Puglia, Italy

The Maldives

They say this is the place to go if you want to take your breach dream vacation to another level. There are incredible villas and private island resorts that sit on lively coral reefs that are filled with colour and sea life. The white sand beaches are breathtaking. If you're a sport enthusiast, you can enjoy a day of golfing at the world championship golf course, or go rock climbing. If you are looking for a more relaxing or romantic experience you will want to stay at one of the overwater villas here for some of the most beautiful views in the world.