America is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth with landscapes as diverse as you could imagine and scenery to take your breath away. All of nature is here to witness and some pretty awesome man-made attractions as well. The people are as unique as the changing landscapes, for each state is different with its own tale to tell. Be inspired by these incredible All-American trips:

Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

Otherwise known as Route 1, the highway takes in California, Oregon and Washington. The scenery is simply stunning as you follow the coastline of the Pacific Ocean through the winding, mountain roads. There are some great places to stop along the way, including San Francisco, Long Beach and Eureka. Doing the drive in summer, you’ll enjoy beautiful weather but if you’re considering a winter trip then opt for a north to south option and chase the sun!

Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

Whale Watching – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A trip to Cape Cod is a must for all nature lovers and what could be more magical than watching these majestic creatures in their natural habitat? You could be lucky enough to spot minke and humpback whales gliding past your boat. The surrounding landscape of Route 6 is inspiring on its own, with forests, harbors, charming colonial villages and many beaches.Whale Watching – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Grand Canyon – Skywalk Platform

This should be on everybody’s bucket list as it’s an incredible natural wonder. Such an iconic site should be seen with your own eyes and there’s plenty of action to be had here too with rafting, kayaking, plane rides and testing your bravery on the Skywalk Platform. Are you daring enough to walk the glass-bottomed walkway out over the edge of the canyon? It’s only 4000 feet down!Grand Canyon – Skywalk Platform

Wait for Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park

To see the famous geyser erupt is a must if you want to take a trip you’ll never forget. While Old Faithful may not be the biggest in the world, the eruptions are awe-inspiring and can be up to 180 feet. You won’t have to wait long either as he erupts approximately every 90 minutes! The park is bursting with natural wonder such as Mammoth Hot Springs, not to mention the fabulous hiking trails, waterfalls and amazing wildlife spotting.Wait for Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park

Be in Four Places at once

The only time you can pose for a photo and have body parts in four different states! The Four Corners Monument is a fun trip to see the exact point that four states meet. You can have your arms in Colorado and New Mexico and your legs in Utah and Arizona. Now who doesn’t want that photo opportunity?Be in Four Places at once

Rafting the Owyhee River, Idaho

This is not a hugely well-known destination but for an action adventure in dramatic landscape, a trip to the Owyhee River is highly recommended. Flowing through southwestern Idaho, surrounded by 3 million acres of sagebrush, you’ll find ancient sites, a habitat for many songbirds and abandoned farms. The river flows through canyons of up to a 1000 feet in places. It’s a protected wilderness of great beauty and the perfect trip for those seeking to get away from modern life.Rafting the Owyhee River, Idaho

See the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas

These shows are quite unlike anything you may have seen before. Cirque du Soleil shows are a must in Vegas with jaw-dropping stunts and out-of-this-world effects. There are actually 8 different shows to see at the Luxor, the MGM Grand, the Bellagio and the Mirage to name just a few. Each has a different theme but all contain dangerous acrobatic acts and high energy thrills!See the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas

Glacier National Park, Montana

This area of outstanding beauty is something a bit special. The waters here affect that which flows into the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico and Hudson Bay. As well as being a National Park, it’s also an international peace park, a world heritage site and a biosphere reserve. With over 700 miles of hiking trails, you’ll find the icy peaks and beautiful mountainous wilderness absolutely breath taking.Glacier National Park, Montana

Brown Bears in Alaska

Have a real adventure trip of a lifetime as you camp right next to Brown Bears. This is possible at the Great Alaska International Adventure Vacations Bear Camp, where you watch quietly from a safe distance while the bears go about their daily business. There are no barriers – just you, the bears and a very experienced guide. There’s also a raised viewing platform if you prefer.Brown Bears in Alaska

See a genuine Cowboy Rodeo in Denver

If you need to unleash your inner cowboy or girl then head to Denver in January for the biggest and best rodeo in Colorado, The National Western Stock Show. The show is a major part of life here and celebrates the tradition and heritage of the Old West. The event is on for 16 days and it’s a real extravaganza of horses, Wild West entertainment and history.See a genuine Cowboy Rodeo in Denver

Florida Keys – Overseas Highway

For some fun in the sun, Florida never fails to deliver. Take Route 1 from Miami, past the Everglades and down to Key West for a drive that develops into one of absolute beauty alongside a sparkling, turquoise ocean. The seven-mile bridge is a must do experience for the most spectacular views.Florida Keys – Overseas Highway

Steamboat Cruise on the Mississippi River

What could be more romantic than a cruise on a luxury riverboat on one of America’s most iconic rivers? A perfect piece of Americana, celebrating the great steamboat traditions of the past. A Mississippi River cruise is ideal for both history and nature lovers as you gracefully sail past old plantations, ancient oak trees, see indigenous wildlife and visit Civil War sites. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the beauty of Mark Twain country for yourself.Steamboat Cruise on the Mississippi River