It’s time to start planning for travel in 2017. While there are lots of popular destinations that tend to get a lot of attention, why not consider some of the more offbeat locations around the globe? You get an opportunity to experience something new and different while still enjoying the time you spend away from home.


Australia: South

Vast and rugged, South Australia has a lot to take in. From blissful white sands and pure waters on the Fleurieu Peninsula, to ragged cliffs and roaring waves on the Eyre Peninsula, the rest of the region is just as varied. Tours of wine country and massive produce festivals bring out the locals and offer lots of opportunities to sample the culture, whilst Flinders Ranges National Park lets you traverse the outback - as far as the ey can see. Take some time to discover Adelaide and the surrounding hills, and get up close and personal with the country's wildlife on Kangaroo Island.

Australia South


Chile: Aysen

All roads lead to Aysen. Actually, there is only one road for visitors to take in order to gain access into this area. The ride alone, unpaved, is an adventure in itself as there is a lot to see long the way. From temperate rainforests to alluring lagoons adorned by marble caves, the landscape is extreme as the area was shaped by the world’s third largest freshwater reserve. Needless to say, nature takes priority here; Cerro Castillo National Reserved sets a backdrop of fierce mountains, whilst the Queulat National Park houses a glacier hanging amidst two peaks. If exploration is something you enjoy, this is the place to spend your vacation.

Chile Aysen beautiful marble caves


French Polynesia: The Tuamotus

Looking for a tropical paradise? The Tuamotus is the perfect place to get everything you have been searching for. A strip of coral is the centerpiece of the area, completely surrounded by water that comes in all shades of brilliant blue and brilliant white sand. Divers consider this to be one of the best places to plunge under the water. Because of this, there is an increase in visitors coming to enjoy this tropical paradise. Take advantage of the peace and quiet as soon as possible!

French Polynesia The Tuamotus


Ireland: The Skellig Ring

With an interesting history involving monks, a hidden base, and rocks that rise up from the water, it’s no surprise that visitors are starting to discover the allure of the Skellig Ring. The area is only reachable by boat, however the views along the way are breathtaking as they put on display some of the country’s best coastlines. If that isn’t enough to bring you out, this area has been home to filming for the Star Wars franchise, making it a Mecca for fans around the world.

Ireland The Skellig Ring


Malaysia: Perak

The old world and the new world were on a collision course and came together in Perak. Vintage style boutiques as well as cafes are easy to find when exploring the area. The Kekeping Kong Heng hotel, as well as the surrounding space is a must-see for visitors, and don’t miss out on unique places like the Burp & Giggle or the Roquettte Café. New tours and walks are being created to help bring in more guests to the area. If you want to spend some time in the sun and have a real love for wildlife as well as stunning scenery, this is a great place to get the best of both worlds.

Malaysia Perak


New Zealand: Taranaki

It’s easy to assume that you may have landed in Taranaki accidentally. In fact, it’s even a bit of a local joke. The residents have started to take a new approach by creating a motto, "A Little Bit Out There," that says everything you need to know about this offbeat location. But while most people aren’t making a stop here during their travels, they are missing out on the charm of this gem of a region. A new gallery celebrates some of the artistic achievements of Len Lye to satiate the culture hungry traveller, whilst the Egmont National Park offers a one-day trek venturing across the Tongariro Alpine Crossing for those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors.

New Zealand Taranaki


Peru: Choquequirao

Once home to the Incas, the Apurimac Valley is starting to increase in popularity as travelers begin to see its appeal. Ideally, the new cable car in the area will come to life during the upcoming year, making it a little easier to reach the ruins. If you want a little extra adventure, consider making the four-day hike, following closely the path that the Incas once trekked. Nearby Machu Picchu is a popular location for tourists, giving visitors an opportunity to enjoy the more offbeat destination along with other more well known attractions. Most of the area is jungle, making it perfect for anyone with an adventurous spirit to immerse themselves in the natural world! A word of warning though - with careering cliffs, this one is not for those afraid of heights.

Peru Choquequirao


Portugal: The Azores

Culture and nature come together in this location that hasn’t seen a lot of visitors in the past. It’s more than just a place to stop off between travel from the Europe and North America. Instead, it offers beautiful sites, including soaring volcanoes and topaz lakes amidst which are nestled quaint villages. From relaxing in the hot springs to looking up at the towering cliffs, this is a location that is sure to capture the attention of anyone willing to make the trip. In recent months, tourism has steadily increased. If you want to visit this offbeat location before things get busy, put this vacation near the top of your list for 2017!

Portugal The Azores


United Kingdom: North Wales

Looking for the longest set of manmade waves that are actually surfable? Wanting to take advantage of the world’s fastest zipline? Make plans to visit North Wales. Here, a variety of activities are all brought together in a beautiful location. You can even take the plunge into caverns underneath Blaenau Ffestiniog, taking advantage of the giant trampolines. This is not a vacation for the weak of heart. However, when the time comes to arrange for some downtime, be sure to check out Snowdonia National Park. Here, the lack of light pollution is legendary, and creates a beautiful night sky that visitors won’t forget.

United Kingdom North Wales panorama


United States: Coastal Georgia

Most people don’t even realize that Georgia actually has a coastline - or if they know, they fail to acknowledge its beauty. Nestled in between other states, this area if often overlooked as most people head straight for Savannah to take in views of the Old South. But the coastal area has started to get a lot of attention, especially from Hollywood moguls that are looking for a great backdrop for their next film. If you’re looking for an area of the coast that offers beautiful views, lots of opportunities for adventures and low crowd counts, this is the place to be.

United States Coastal Georgia