Sometimes good things come in small packages. Here's why you should consider a small ship cruise over a big one.

Reasons to Consider a Small Ship Cruise

3 Reasons to Consider a Small Ship Cruise

Keep these three reasons why you should consider a small ship cruise in mind.

Keeps Your Health on Track on Small Ship Cruises

Even if you are in relatively good health, you should consider a small cruise over a larger one during certain times of the year, particularly the holidays. Small cruise ships usually have enough space for 700 passengers or fewer, whereas larger cruise ships can hold more than 5,000 passengers at any given time. The numbers can increase during the holiday season, which is one of the busiest times of the year.

One of the problems associated with large crowds is high blood pressure and noise pollution. According to, studies show that noise pollution can potentially raise the blood pressures of some individuals. People who were not exposed to loud noises, such as excessive music and overcrowded locations, did not experience an increase in blood pressure. If you suffer from hypertension or a medical condition that causes it, it's a good idea to take small ship cruises instead.

A smaller ship can also offer you more opportunities to exercise. If working out in a crowded room concerns you, a less crowded cruise is the right option for you. You’ll spend less time waiting to use the ship's exercise equipment and more time getting fit. Staying active on your cruise keeps your stress levels at a minimum, which is a leading factor in high blood pressure and other health problems.

Keeps Your Health on Track

Small Cruise Ships Give You More Time to Enjoy Your Voyage

Small cruise ships give you more time to experience your voyage and the destinations you encounter on it. River adventures and specialty cruises for ideal choices. These types of small ship cruises offer more chances to venture on shore as you pass different locations. In most cases, the itineraries are more in-depth than larger cruises.

Large ship cruises must create itineraries for a greater number of passengers. The time to visit onshore sites, such as souvenir shops, restaurants and museums, may be short and sweet. If you plan on spending a certain amount of time shopping, you might have a chance to do so.

It's possible for you to choose a small cruise package that includes everything you like to see and do. For example, if you have always wanted to dine in a five-star restaurant and see a comedy show at the same time, you can select a cruise that offers that specific package. Large cruises may only offer one or the other in order to accommodate the voyage's deadline.

In addition, you can enjoy a variety of ship, regional and local foods on your voyage.

It Gives You More Time to Enjoy Your Voyage

It Offers More Dining Options With Attractions

Unlike large cruises, smaller ships tend to offer more meal options. Bigger ships need to feed a great number of travelers. To do so, the dining options often include buffet spreads of the same foods. Although there's nothing wrong with this, you may need to dig through a mountain of food to find exactly what you need and want to eat.

Most small ships use prestigious or well-trained chefs to create meals for guests. These chefs often have extensive culinary art training, which allows them to create a variety of healthy dishes. In addition, you’ll eat your meals in courses. The courses include soup, salad, main entree, and dessert. You can request a glass or two of fine wine, spirits, or simply water with your meals.

Some of the best small cruise ship options include river voyages. These ships travel close to the shores of different villages, towns or cities, depending on where you take your vacation. For example, if you cruise the Mississippi River in the United States, expect to sample some of the finest culinary foods in the country.

The Mississippi River begins in the Gulf of Mexico and ends in Minnesota. The relaxing voyage can take you through New Orleans, where you’ll sample seafood gumbo, crayfish and other Creole favorites. River cruises can also travel through Kentucky, where you’ll sample Bourbon and other spirits, along with country ham, fried chicken and other local delicacies. Your small ship cruise might even take you to Nashville, which offers buttermilk biscuits, barbecue and sweet potato pancakes.

If you choose a small cruise to Europe, you can explore the Rhine River, which travels through six distinct countries, including Switzerland and Germany. The river offers a plethora of scenic views that include the palaces in Belgium and the wine country in Bingen. If your ship stops in Bingen, take an opportunity to visit a wine house and sample some German specialty wine. You can also make your way to a local eatery and enjoy a slice of poppy seed pastry or a dish of German potato salad and meatballs.

If your cruise includes it in your vacation package, you can explore the 17th-century canal in Amsterdam, or you can take in views of the Old Quarters of Luxembourg, which is one of the oldest destinations in Europe. Luxembourg offers local and regional cuisine, such as salted pork or deep-fried river fish. So consider a small ship cruise if this sounds appealing.

It Offers More Dining Options With Attractions