Find a pricey home away from home in the world’s finest hotels.

A stay in a hotel is naturally pricier than crashing at a friend’s place, but in some cases, that price tag is closer to a down payment on a house. There are rooms across the world reserved for the super-rich, those elite travelers who appreciate the finest things in life to such a degree that they can’t go a night in a foreign city without gold-rimmed furniture, a butler, or private pianist. For those visitors, only a stay in one of these prestigious suites will deliver elegance and service to remember.

grand resort lagonissi


Hotel President Wilson (Geneva)

The penthouse of this Swiss hotel has a high reputation among the political and showbiz elite, perhaps for its bulletproof windows and private security team. However, the $67,000 per night price tag probably has something to do with the 12 bedrooms, 12 marble bathrooms, panoramic view of Lake Geneva, handpicked art collection and Steinway grand piano that await the guests.

Hotel President Wilson


Four Seasons Hotel (New York)

The Ty Warner Penthouse Suite at New York’s illustrious Four Season’s Hotel is everything that wealthy visitors to the Big Apple could hope for: a private library stocked with over a hundred books on art and culture, a private butler, use of a Rolls Royce, 360 degree views of the city, and the unmistakable touch of world-class decorators. The details are sure to impress, as would be expected for $45,000 a night.

Four Seasons New York


Raj Palace Hotel (Jaipur)

The epitome of Eastern luxury and historical intrigue, the Maharajah’s Pavilion – which was indeed once home to the Maharajah himself – is a four floor, 16,000 sqft suite, making it the largest hotel room in Asia as well as the most opulent. One night in the gold and silver-laced apartment will cost you $43,000, but that also gets you a private swimming pool.

Raj Palace Hotel


Laucala Island Resort (Fiji)

Those who wish to shell out $40,000 for a night at the Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation at the Laucala Resort must be patient – only those personally invited by the property owner will be granted the experience. For the lucky few who get the call, the experience is certainly one to remember, with a private chef, nanny, and access to the 72-hole golf course.

Laucala Island Resort


Hotel Plaza Athénée (Paris)

The Royal Suite at this Paris fixture comes with impeccable 18th century décor, a private steam room and three living rooms. It costs $38,000 to experience this level of French opulence, but a stay in the largest hotel room in the city brings the added benefit of close proximity to the Plaza Athénée Restaurant – one of the most elegant and reputable dining establishments in Europe.

Plaza Athenee


Cannes Hotel Martinez (Cannes)

This haven for celebrities has the only penthouse on the Cote D’Azur, which makes it particularly popular during international events and bustling summer months. The silk-lined Penthouse Suite and its unmatched views of the Mediterranean will cost guests $37,000 a night, and the taste of paradise could very well keep them there for weeks on end.

Cannes Hotel Martinez


Grand Resort Lagonissi (Athens)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson are both fans of the Royal Villa at this Greek seaside resort, which is not difficult to imagine, given the luxurious and relaxing surroundings. Two master bedrooms, a private butler, personal pool and sundeck, private chef, and on-call pianist almost justify the $35,000 price tag.

grand resort lagonissi


St. Regis Hotel (New York)

The fact that the Presidential Suite at New York’s St. Regis Hotel was once occupied by fames surrealist Salvador Dali surely has something to do with its soaring rate and immense popularity. $35,000 per night brings a 3,400 sqft suite with two master bedrooms, stunning kitchen, incredible views of Central Park and use of the hotels’ Bentley.

St. Regis


Eden Rock (St Barths)

Rock stars (or those who dream of rock-stardom), will surely appreciate the amenities of Villa Rockstar on the Caribbean island of St Barths. From your own personal recording studio to a fleet of Jeeps at your disposal, guests can settle in or get out to explore as they wish for around $32,000 a night. Multiple terraces, pillared patios and sleek modern décor round out the elite island experience.

Eden Rock


Mandarin Oriental (Shanghai)

The Presidential Suite in Hong Kong’s finest hotel comes complete with a private wine cellar, dining room, and fully equipped kitchen. For around $26,000 a night you could also enjoy a soak in a bathroom that’s bigger than most Hong Kong apartments, and then retire to one of two private rooftop gardens for a panoramic view of this spectacular city.

Mandarin Oriental
A fine hotel is certainly a subjective term, and for some, there simply can never be too much finery. As new wealth graces cities and more 5 star resorts are built, prestigious hospitality can only climb higher, but don’t despair – there will always be beautiful travel experiences within reach.