Danes are known to be some of the happiest people on Earth, and when visiting the island of Funen, it’s easy to see why.  With sandy beaches, lush vegetation, and picture-perfect scenery, Funen is a place that is certainly worth the trip.  Click “Next” to see why you need to add Funen, Denmark to your bucket list.shutterstock_182019080


Get a picture of what life - and death- was like around 950 AD, the middle of the Viking Age in Denmark.  The Ladbyskibet Viking Chieftain Burial site is the only Viking burial site in the country.  Ladbyskiet, the Viking ship, is being reconstructed by skilled ship builders and volunteers, in much the same way the original would have been built centuries before.


Image: Malene Thyssen, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Malene

HC Andersen Hus

The Hans Christian Andersen Museum is located in the former home of the famous author, who is Funen’s most widely recognized resident.  Found in the Odense city center, the museum offers a thorough - and lively - look at the author’s extraordinary life.


Egeskov Slot

A wonderful example of the lavish castles from Denmark’s “Golden Age,” Egeskov Castle boasts a moat, drawbridge, and an expansive 15-hectare park.  Built in 1554 on a foundation of thousands of upright oak trunks, the castle’s 12-rooms (and attic) are open to the public and are filled with antique furnishings, grand period paintings, and a beautiful collection of old toys.


Fiske Restaurant Rudolf Mathis

This restaurant is a little pricey, but definitely worth it - both for the atmosphere, and the food.  Seafood lovers won’t want to miss trying these classic dishes paired with locally grown produce.  Though the menu changes with the season, some staple dishes include home-smoked salmon, and a starter of scallops, langoustine, and citron-mayo.


Gorilla Park

Gorilla Park is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Funen’s natural beauty - and see the island from a new perspective.  With 5 different and varied courses, everyone from adults to young children can experience the thrill of zip lining and tree climbing.  Perfect for the young, and young at heart.


The Funen Village

An open-air museum featuring 25 buildings from Furnish villages, The Funen Village is a popular attraction that shows what life was like in the 18th and 19th centuries.  From old-time beer brewing to handicrafts, there are different demonstrations and activities happening at the museum year round!


Fyns Hoved

Beloved by artists, tourists, and locals alike, Fyns Hoved is a beautiful walk that shows off the best of the country’s natural scenery.  One reviewer on Trip Advisor recommends embarking on the trail counterclockwise, starting at the bottom and winding your way to higher ground. You’ll catch a glimpse of hills, beaches, coves, fjords, and plenty of pastures on your way.  Don’t forget your camera!


The Archipelago Trail

A total of 220 kilometers of trails wind their way around the South Fyn Archipelago, making it a wonderful place to stretch your legs, and let your imagination wander.  Ice, water, and humans have all played a role in shaping this beautiful landscape, and the trail is one of the longest in Denmark.  Divided into seven sections, the trail is perfect for both short hikes and longer excursions.