Surfing the Sand: Incredible Destinations for Sandboarding

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: July 11, 2017
Last Update: December 1, 2022

Wherever nature puts an obstacle, man will invent a sport to conquer it. Huge sand dune in the way? Why not have some fun and take to a sandboard? For those of you unfamiliar with the sport, it’s like snowboarding but without the snow and a lot more sand! Riders travel across or down sand dunes while both feet are strapped to a board and it looks like tons of fun! Here are the best places to get daring on the dunes:

#1 Peru

The best place to go sandboarding in Peru is a place called Ica. The massive dunes here reach up to 2km and Duna Grande is the biggest dune in the world. The region of Huacachina is perfect for a spot of sandboarding or sand skiing and is an oasis of beauty too. This area is off the beaten track but well worth the effort as the dunes are as stunning as they are impressive. Don’t worry, you don’t even have to climb back up the dune after you’ve ridden it as 4x4s and buggies will carry you back to the peak.#1 Peru

#2 Australia

Many sandboarders flock to the sand dunes of Australia simply because there are so many of them. The best experiences can be found on Kangaroo Island where you’ll find a huge expanse of natural sand dunes. If you’re inexperienced and would like some tuition then head to Lucky Bay dunes in Western Australia where guides run sandboarding tours. The dunes in Lancelin are also extremely popular but can get busy at peak times. Once you’ve exhausted the sandy mayhem then head to Lancelin Back Beach for a well-deserved chill out.#2 Australia

#3 South Africa

While the sport is still growing in popularity, those who live in South Africa will know of Atlantis Dunes as the place to go for thrills on the sandy slopes. North of Cape Town, the dunes are busy every weekend with tourists and locals waxing up their boards. Arrange a trip with an adventure tour provider who can take you there and help you learn the skills for some super-fast sliding action.

#3 South Africa

#4 Nicaragua

This is one unique sandboarding destination, quite unlike the rest. The best spot in Nicaragua is down the side of an active volcano! Thrill seekers must climb the Cerro Negro volcano with the aid of an expert guide to explore the summit of this fascinating site before hurtling down the blackened, ashy sand. Local companies arrange these sizzling hot tours for all those adrenalin junkies who love extreme sports with a little added danger thrown into the mix in the shape of a volcano.

#4 Nicaragua

#5 Dubai

Clearly, deserts offer the ideal environment for an activity requiring sand and the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates doesn’t disappoint. The sport is well organised here with various operators offering sandboarding experiences. The best time to visit the dunes is early in the morning before the heat of the desert becomes too unbearable. Jump into a 4x4 and be whisked off for an Arabian adventure and dune safari in an incredibly beautiful region.#5 Dubai

#6 Egypt

There is no way to substantiate the claims but rumour has it the pharaohs used to glide down the dunes on wooden boards and in fact, Egypt saw the birth of this thrilling sport. The Great Sand Sea near Siwa is considered to be one of the best sandboarding destinations in the world. There are many tours available in this area that will take you up to the dunes and allow you to let rip on the different softness of the sands.#6 Egypt

#7 Namibia

Here you’ll find the world’s oldest desert near the town of Swakopmund and also the world’s highest dune at Sossusvlei for the brave-hearted out there! There are fantastic sandboarding opportunities all year round in the Namib desert whether you’re at the oldest dune, the highest dune or at Walvis Bay. It was here in Namibia that the world record was set for the fastest speed ever skied on sand. The record was set by Henrik May, who now runs a skiing operation in Swakopmund and takes guests to the highest peaks. If you’re looking for the ultimate sandboarding adventure then Namibia ticks all the boxes.

#7 Namibia