10 Of The World’s Best Yoga Retreats

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By: Vicky Carroll
Published: August 15, 2016
Last Update: December 6, 2022

Practicing yoga can help you to relieve daily stress and boost your immune system. Once you surpass being a yoga practitioner it may be a great idea to embark on a deeper state of relaxation and plan a holiday to one of the world's best yoga retreats.Attending yoga at one of the world's best yoga retreats gives you both a vacation in an exotic and picturesque locale and a vacation to hone your yoga practice with other like-minded people.

1. Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui Thailand

Travel to Koh Samui in Thailand for a yoga retreat and detox. The resort is inspired by Moroccan style and offers either detox or yoga packages to choose from. Boasting fully equipped studios, expert instructors and a large choice of yoga classes there is the perfect offering for yoga practioners of every level and expertise.Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui Thailand yoga retreat


2. Villa Sumaya, Guatemala

Sumaya translates roughly into “a dream come true.” Villa Sumaya is found on the coast of Lake Atitlan. With 3 studios designed to connect to the Mayan Highlands yoga practitioners can partake in: yoga, meditation, writing and dance. Imagine practicing mindfulness while taking in breathtaking panoramic views each studio offers.Villa Sumaya, Guatemala


3. Anamaya Resort, Costa Rica

Experiencing a yoga retreat at Anamaya resort is not all you can expect, you can also enjoy your stay in an eco-lodge, take part in a surf camp and attend yoga teacher training. This stunning location has beautiful views of the ocean and views of a waterfall. If that’s not enough for a relaxing yoga retreat you can also experience a jungle tour or simply relax on the stunning beach accessible from the resort.Anamaya Resort, Costa Rica yoga retreat


4. SwaSwara, India

Daily yoga at sunrise on the beach is one way you could start your retreat at this yoga retreat, what better way is there to welcome a new day. SwaSwara is the resort to go to if you want to get deeper into your yoga practice and mental well-being. The main objective of the resort is to delve deeply into your spiritual side and find relaxation making this one of the best yoga retreats.Yoga retreat in SwaSwara, India


5. Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa, Bali

Daily yoga practice is offered in this Balinese retreat promoting spirituality and wellness. Programs are designed to work on your posture, alignment, and movement.Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa, Bali


6. Shambala Mountain, Colorado

Visit the monument to Human Kindness or just practice yoga for health and wellness in this mountainside backdrop. Shambala Mountain resort offers a multitude of courses for yogi’s and promotes health and mindfulness.Shambala Mountain, Colorado


7. Kali Yoga Walking Retreat, Spain

Set among the Andalusian mountainside this retreat offers yoga, meditation, vegetarian cuisine and health treatments. The retreat promotes relaxation in its bio-diverse setting and you are encouraged to walk, hike and horse ride as well as practice your yoga. Regardless of your skill level the yoga classes are designed for everyone and you will leave feeling in tune with yourself in mind and body.Kali Yoga Walking Retreat, Spain


8. Yogascapes, Tulum Mexico

Experience the premium beaches and waters of Tulum in Mexico, while honing your yoga practice. Your day will begin at sunrise, where you will wake to practice yoga on the beach. After your relaxing yoga practice, take a dip in the warm healing waters of the ocean. Other activities on your yoga retreat can include hiking in the jungle, swimming in underground caves (cenotes), sweat lodges, massage and Mayan ceremonies that promote healing.Yogascapes, Tulum Mexico is on of the best yoga retreats in the world


9. Cal-a-vie, San Diego USA

This health spa has a full daily itinerary that includes Hatha yoga practice, nutritious meals and spa treatments. This secluded yoga retreat is found on 450 acres in a valley in Vista, California, just a short distance from San Diego. The décor of the retreat has been designed to mimic provincial French living. Yoga practitioners will notice the focus of yoga classes is aimed on the mind-body-spirit and classes will leave you coming away with better health and mental clarity making it one of the world's best yoga retreats.Cal-a-vie, San Diego USA yoga retreat


10. Kalani Oceanside, Hawaii

Enjoy the beauty of Hawaii and practice yoga daily. Your package will include wellness treatments such as: massage, aquatic, energetic or psychic. You can also experience outings such as: lava viewing, and swimming in a volcanically warmed pond. There are a wide variety of classes and events to take part in; for example hula and meditation. Kalani Oceanside combines yoga and wellness with ecotourism and spirituality amidst the luscious backdrop of Hawaii.Kalani Oceanside, Hawaii yoga in the ocean