Adrenaline Rush: Top Adventure Tourism Destinations

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By: Vicky Carroll
Published: May 20, 2016
Last Update: December 15, 2022

A vacation means different things to different people. For those that like thrills and the adrenaline that goes with them will be drawn to adventure tourism. Adventure tourism is for those that prefer the outdoors and who want to interact with the places they visit actively instead of as a passive observer, and involves extreme sports or activities with an element of danger such as: skydiving, sailing, hang-gliding or bungee jumping. These are the types of trips that not too many of your friends or family members will have done, let alone would consider doing, however these are once in a lifetime trips.

Great Barrier Reef

Visit the world’s largest coral reef and take in some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving. Many tour operators offer other types of activities such as helicopter tours and guided snorkeling tours and scuba doo scooter rentals.Adventure Tourism

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The most adventurous activities in Rio has to be hang gliding. Tourists can fly tandem with instructors to take in the breathtaking views of landmarks such as: the Sugarloaf, the Corcovado Christ statue, Ipanema and Copacabana.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mount Fuji, Japan

A popular mountain to climb due to it being manageable even for beginner climbers, Mount Fuji is open for climbing from July to early September. Typically climbing takes place during the night and the summit is reached for sunrise. The climb should take roughly 6 hours from the 5th level to the summit.Mount Fuji, Japan

Queenstown, New Zealand

Synonymous with adrenaline activities, Queensland offers a variety of activities where you can purchase packages for: bungee jumping, heli-skiing, white-water rafting, river surfing, and canyon swinging. Queenstown, New Zealand

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand canyon offers activities for those with a disposition for adventure tourism. The skywalk is a glass walkway that hangs over the edge of the canyon. Rafting trips are also popular. Sadly the Grand Canyon is not conducive to rock climbing due to the type of rock, but there are some interior climbing activities such as bouldering.Grand Canyon, Colorado

Yosemite National Park

Offers great activities for the whole family: from walking tours to backpacking to rock formations Half Dome or El Capitan, horseback rides, rafting to adventure hikes.Yosemite National Park

Alps, France

Take a mountain bike trip in the premiere location in Europe. The classic trails are some of the world’s best. Offering scenic and snow-capped vistas as a backdrop to some of the best conditions for mountain biking with: easy trails, challenging downhills, long climbs and cross country.Alps, France


The list of activities in Hawaii is almost too long to mention. Hike a volcano, zipline, shark dive, ATV tours are among some of the choices you will have. The issue with having an adventure trip in Hawaii is deciding which activities to participate in.Hawaii

Costa Rica

This Island is also well-known for adventure trips. Lush rainforest will provide lots of hiking, kayaking and zip lining opportunities. Of course there are also lots of wildlife tours to fit in amongst some of the more physical activities.Costa Rica

Serengheti, Tanzania

Taking in a safari in the Serengheti is about as adventurous as it gets. The harsh environment will push you to your limits. Feel the adrenaline rush of taking in the big game such as: wildebeasts, gazelles, zebras and buffalo.Serengheti, Tanzania